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Sara McLaughlin

posession Lyrics

by Sara McLaughlin on album Miscellaneous

Sara McLaughlin Miscellaneous posession Listen as the wind blows from across the great divide, Voices trapped in yearning, memories trapped in time, The night is my companion and solitude my gui


Demoniac Posession Lyrics

by Avulsed on album Carnivoracity

Exorcised By A High Priest Your Body Writhes In Pain Possessed By The Seven Demons Which Are Conjured Away As He Speaks The Holy Words Your Limbs Contract And Ache Inhuman Growls Escape Your T

King Jerry Bee

Swaggeraux Et Swaggereuse Lyrics

by King Jerry Bee on album ASIKOCCENTRIC

HOOK: Mes Gars sont swaggeraux Et mes Gos sont swaggereuses I'm G with it Charge me for posession cuz i beez with it (They call me King Jerry Bee) Mes Gars sont swaggeraux Et mes Gos sont s

Eiffel 65

My Console Lyrics

by Eiffel 65 on album Europop

Eiffel 65 Europop My Console we¡¯re gonna play the game the playstation all day, with metal gear solid to tekken 3. and from omega boost to resident evil just play for the fun cos we got it goin


Vamp Addiction Lyrics

by Vamps on album Beast

Fast Flowing Internal Intensely It's my blood So greedy Sexually Cleverly It rules me Already too late Aiming at you It's momentary You get captured Appetizing skin Your abduction My pose

Dolby Thomas

The Ability To Swing Lyrics

by Dolby Thomas on album Aliens Ate My Buick

Dolby Thomas Aliens Ate My Buick The Ability To Swing Everybody talking talking pretty hard everybody talking 'bout singing from the heart if you want my opinion it doesn't mean a thing if you h

Take 5

Water Lyrics

by Take 5 on album Against All Odds

Take 5 Against All Odds Water [1st Verse] Something in the spring Is making me grow in love with you, babe Something in the summer breeze Is blowing me into your arms, babe Girl you know you got

New Birth

Wild Flower Lyrics

by New Birth on album Birth Day

She faced the hardest times you can imagine And many times her eyes fall back the tears And when her youthful world was about to fall in Each time her slender shoulders For the weight of all her tears

John Cena

Untouchables Lyrics

by John Cena on album Miscellaneous

The untouchable cat whose style is right I can be mistaken for the smooth and silent type My violence bites tight like it was vampire's teeth I'm hammerin' chief, opponents with beef, you're put to sl


N Dey Say Lyrics

by Nelly on album Suit

Yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, let's go Ohh, N dey say, ohh, oh Oh, ohh, yeah Ohh, N dey say, ohh, oh Oh, ohh Hold up, stop ma, let me get a look at'cha Damn girl, I ain't seen you since pr

Cocteau Twins

Eperdu Lyrics

by Cocteau Twins on album Milk & Kisses

Above day holding nest Both that sheltering And taking posession One hand outstretched Trembles its echo


BK To LA"(feat. M.O.P. Lyrics

by XZIBIT on album Miscellaneous

XZIBIT Miscellaneous BK To LA"(feat. M.O.P. Yeah! AOWWW, AOWWW! C'mon! Yeah, yeahhh (yeah) yeahhh, yeahhh M.O.P.! Uhh (X to the Z) Yeah baby, that's right, you know how we do it One time, X, wh

Harper Roy

The Lord's Prayer Lyrics

by Harper Roy on album Lifemask

Harper Roy Lifemask The Lord's Prayer a) Poem b) Modal Song parts I to IV c) Front Song d) Middle Song e) End Song (Front Song reprise) There once was a man from the old stone age And he used

Band, The

Daniel And The Sacred Harp Lyrics

by Band, The on album Stage Fright

Daniel, Daniel and the sacred harp Dancing through the clover Daniel, Daniel would you mind If I look it over I heard of this famous harp years ago back in my home town But I sure never thought


Something Wonderful Lyrics

by Ministry on album Trax! Box

I'm crawling in my head with the walking dead I've got a cold sweat on my skin I'm fighting back the demons in a waking dream Where my weakness will become a sin I'm Holding


Driving out the Demons Lyrics

by Nunslaughter on album Angelic Dread

Jesus saw but did not say Arcaic fear immersed inside He asked what is your name The name Legion I replied And so began our battle Over this simple childs soul An incredulous blight I shall n

Robby Maria

Har.ma-ged'on Lyrics

by Robby Maria on album Metropolis

on the morning of the war silence over Jerusalem city / ev'rything must be this way . . . silent & astray / shapeless demons leave my body, no more reason to hold posession / Har.ma-ged'on days are he


Unholy Execution Lyrics

by Sicktanick on album Chapter One : Doctrines of the Damned

I'm an American terrorist raised up in this wicked nation, breeded and sent by the peoples frustrations And I'm not Al Queda, I'm a homegrown satanist terrorist who loves to kill a fucking pacifist

Apollo Brown & OC

Trophies Lyrics

by Apollo Brown & OC on album Trophies

E'rybody want they trophy What is that supposed to tell me that you did somethin'? I don't need no God damn trophy or award or, recognition I do this shit cause I love to do this shit All these ki

Eric Saade

Big Love Lyrics

by Eric Saade on album Saade Vol. 1

Oh oh oh-oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh-oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh-oh oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh-oh oh oh oh oh I'm addicted to the rush you give me Come get close, and my hearts confession Beat keeps pumping And my