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Parabola Lyrics

by Tool on album Lateralus

Tool Lateralus Parabola We barely remember who or what came before this precious moment, We are choosing to be here right now. Hold on, stay inside... This holy reality, this holy experience. Choosi


Parabola Lyrics

by Jawbreaker on album Live 4/30/96

I caught my eye in a swinging door. I saw myself in someone else and hated them ever since. I'd never seen that man before. Some broken glass and a bleeding hand. I know who I am.Stand. The mirro

In Virtue

Foresworn II: Parabola Lyrics

by In Virtue on album Embrace the Horror

[Ms. C: the wife] [Dank: the husband] [Trey: the horde] [Trey:] Death spews forth from an empty grave The dead are coming to life again There’s some hot red blood on a cold dark tomb Wh

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

Bright Leaves Lyrics

by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin on album Fly By Wire

(Verse) She believes In the mystic things I cannot see In the blood, in the wine In the oil that divides (Chorus) I’ll find a verse that will reverse All the times I let you down Of course

Of Montreal

First Time High (Reconstructionist Remix Of 'An Eluardian Instance') Lyrics

by Of Montreal on album Jon Brion Remix EP

You should know, you should know that I Am not just searching for Some first time high I know its all about perceptions And I accept you as my very first mover I am I was a foreigner when you ap

Zion I

Finger Paint Lyrics

by Zion I on album Deep Water Slang V2.0

feat. DUST & Susan Suh Produced By: AmpLive [Verse 1 - Zion] Feel my finger paint Color to stimulate ya Rise relate ya Pass in love and nature Rhymes to break ya, take ya Up to the maker

Articolo 31

A pugni col mondo Lyrics

by Articolo 31 on album Italiano Medio

Mi stancherei non crederei pi? a niente Ma poi ce lei inaspettatamente C’? una banchina esterna della metropolitana mi ricorda Ogni mattina attesa eterna e la campana di un istituto Tecnico indu


Sulla frontiera (2011 Remix) Lyrics

by Jovanotti on album Italia 1988-2012

Yeah Uh Cos'è? Ci ascoltano al telefono. Ci guardano i satelliti. Ci intasano nel traffico. Controllano gli acquisti. Ci rubano le password. Ci frugano nel bancomat. Ci irradiano. Ci scan


You're A Long Way From Home, Part 2 Lyrics

by TISM on album De RigueurMortis

From the guitar in his hands a nightmarish C chord struggles, then dies at birth Roadies trained for years in loyal rescue, stand arms crossed side of stage like paramedics unmoved by misery His 90 wo

Chiddy Bang

Heatwave Lyrics

by Chiddy Bang on album Peanut Butter & Swelly (Mixtape)

[Verse 1: ~Chiddy~] It’s not the same now* We done came ’round And turned this music shit into another playground And they some babies like Huey Bars like a chewy Long as life’s a movie I’ll b

Of Montreal

An Eluardian Instance Lyrics

by Of Montreal on album Skeletal Lamping

Does she know, does she know that I am not just searching for some first-time high? I know it's all about perceptions And I accept you as my very first mover I remember riding bikes on Coaster Island

Dr. Octagon

Dr. Octagon Lyrics

by Dr. Octagon on album Dr. Octagonecologyst

Live, November 6, 1996 At the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, CA Dr. Octagonecologyst and Chewbacca Uncircumcised Perform with with Curt Kobane and Roger from Zapp The plane managed to land, the sk


Give You All I Got Lyrics

by Allure on album Allure

Yo, met this piece by the name of Sharise She had a fly 190 resting in Jones Beach You know when we be kickin' everyday cliche Yo boo, can I poly with you? What? Make my day She threw her chin up in