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Amber Rubarth

Novacaine Lyrics

by Amber Rubarth on album New Green Lines

Amber Rubarth New Green Lines Novacaine He recognized the fracture line and asked, "How bad’s the pain?" I said "It’s feeling worse than ever, can’t you make it go away?" He stu


Novacaine For The Soul Lyrics

by Eels on album Miscellaneous

Life is hard And so am I You'd better give me Something so I don't die Novocaine for the soul Before I sputter out Life is white And I am black Jesus and His lawyer Are coming back Oh, my darling w

Green Day

Give Me Novacaine Lyrics

by Green Day on album American Idiot

Take away the sensation inside Bittersweet migraine in my head It's like a throbbing toothache of the mind I can't take this feeling anymore Drain the pressure from the swelling This sensations


Cain Novacaine Lyrics

by Dwarves on album Sugarfix

I need to come on the answer, I need to come on the sand. I need to come on the droves that pull me down and around, You know that I need to come on the laughter, I need to come on the tears, I need t

Frank Ocean

Novacane Lyrics

by Frank Ocean on album Nostalgia Ultra

I think I started somethin', I got what I wanted Did, didn't I can't feel nothin', superhuman Even when I'm fuckin', Viagra poppin', every single record autotunin' Zero emotion, muted emotion, pitch c

Bon Jovi

Novocaine Lyrics

by Bon Jovi on album Have A Nice Day

You can take back all your secrets We'll divide up all the lies Keep all the pictures in their frames Cut me out, yeah I'll be fine Tell the neighbors all my feelings Go on and give away my pri

Green Day

Give Me Novocaine Lyrics

by Green Day on album Miscellaneous

Take away the sensation inside Bitter sweet migraine in my head Its like a throbbing tooth ache of the mind I can't take this feeling anymore Drain the pressure from the swelling The sensation's over


Crash Lyrics

by Feeder on album Polythene

I put my best foot first and it got burned Communication always hurts I got myself so deep inside a hole I taste the air so thin as I get old (I don't think so) 'Cause I can, old (I don't think


Repercussions Lyrics

by FEEDBACK on album Miscellaneous

FEEDBACK Miscellaneous Repercussions 1st verse..... created by Nick Hinton "Someone please help me im drowning in this sea, help me turn my life around and help me get to shore" 2nd verse....


Burning Alive Lyrics

by AC/DC on album Miscellaneous

AC/DC Ballbreaker Burning Alive [oooh yeah] Burnin' alive, set my soul on fire Runnin' with a gun, this place is gonna burn No firewater, or novacaine No thunderstorm, no john wayne No kids to

Dr. Octagon

Technical Difficulties Lyrics

by Dr. Octagon on album Dr. Octagonecologyst

[Foreign Content] Chewbacca's not here I'ma do it for your circumcised Niggaz don't realize my format is a palm spectrum To damage any rectum This is the real dinosaur funk which permitted G-Funk To

Def Squad

Full Cooperation Lyrics

by Def Squad on album El Niño

Yeah yo Def Squad, Full Cooperation on this one Yo total concentration Wassup wit these cats out there? I don't think they figured son I don't think they hear you son ha ha Now first but not least yo


Crushed Bones Lyrics

by WHY? on album Almost Live From Eli's Live Room

Yeah... what... yeah... Here we go To inhaling crushed bones through a dried up white-out pen and riding the backwards racer in hot june rain and a marching blue and gold plastic bag poncho rain coat


Alive Lyrics

by Superchick on album Rock What You Got

Superchic(k) Rock What You Got Alive Intro: Don't bury me I'm not yet dead (x2) Verse 1: Don't bury me I'm not yet dead Not a walking zombie with no head Not a stepford wife made to obey Don't

Dilated Peoples

Expanding Man Lyrics

by Dilated Peoples on album The Platform

As I expand you Ay yo amplify, magnify, broaden my reach Expand, exercise, ex-get increased The 'E' and the 'X' are connected like excellence The 'P' is for peoples that Dilated represents A-N for a


Diabolical Sound Lyrics

by Diabolic on album Fightin Words

[Intro] "The whole underworld worries me less than a single man...Diabolik" [Scratches] "With the diabolical sound coming through your speaker" [Verse 1] Yo, brace yourself for impact I'm raisi

Inspectah Deck and 7L & Esoteric

Rock Beast Lyrics

by Inspectah Deck and 7L & Esoteric on album CZARFACE

[Samples] "You are nothing..." "...brothers, there's only one thing that I'd just like to mention These two gentlemen, they are the wildest, as they look The greatest there is today" [Verse 1:

Fat Joe

Safe 2 Say (The Incredible) Lyrics

by Fat Joe on album All Or Nothing

[Sample is courtesy of "Bring The Noise" By Public Enemy] [Intro] Just Blaze you a rebel on this beat nigga! Uh! "Once again back is the incredible - the incredible" [Verse 1] Stop the presse

Jay-Z Feat.

Rhyme No More Lyrics

by Jay-Z Feat. on album Miscellaneous

Jay Z In My Lifetime Rhyme No More Sounds so beautiful dont you agree ladies and gentlemen. Ha. Well they call me J-Hova cause the flow is religious, and ever since I was 16 I was holdin digits, Im