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Lugburz Lyrics

by Summoning on album Minas Morgul

[Wight's Chant Warning of Winter Non-Tolkien pat] Cold be hand and heart and bone, And cold be sleep under stone: Never more to wake on stony bed, Never, till the sun fails and the moon is dead.


Nazgul Lyrics

by Artrosis on album Hidden Dimensions

Zrodzeni z bólu i nienawiœci Stworzeni przez ogieñ i strach Dziewiêciu jeŸdŸców ciemnoœci Zaklêtych s³ug pierœcienia Bezkszta³tne


Soul Wandering Lyrics

by Summoning on album Minas Morgul



Ungolianth Lyrics

by Summoning on album Minas Morgul

Come to me lady of a foreign shore To pass on your knowledge to me, Interrupt these peacefull lands with your odem of pestilence Your lifeform is living in the deepest twilight, The depths of Avathar.


Morthond Lyrics

by Summoning on album Minas Morgul

[Blackroot River] [The Song of the Mounds of Mundburg must be the only verse used in this] [song but fast parts are too hard for me to understand] We heard horns in hills ringing The swords shining i


Whargoul Lyrics

by Gwar on album Ragnarok

I'm the fucking Whargoul I'm the ghost of Minas Morgul I destroyed your life, I raped your wife I am Whargoul, I am uncool, I am Whargoul I've been many faces, been many names Known love and hate unt