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Chapman College Choir

Ode To Joy Lyrics

by Chapman College Choir on album Miscellaneous

Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee God of glory, Lord of love Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee Hail Thee to the Son above Melt the clouds of sin and sadness Drive the dark of doubt away Giver of imm

Field Report

Route 18 Lyrics

by Field Report on album Field Report

Elizabeth said last night the lake roared like the ocean; I was landlocked under the orange-white solstice moon. Imagine: imagining a place meant to conjure up another. Three degrees of hometown disco

LL Cool J

I Want You Lyrics

by LL Cool J on album Radio

Look girl, I'm not gonna sing 'Cause I just don't do that I see you in between class when my mind does a task One glimpse of your eyes and my heart beats fast A mysterious fantasy, lovely young queen

Kottonmouth Kings

Long Live The Kings Lyrics

by Kottonmouth Kings on album Long Live The Kings

Long live the Kings Kings and queens Raise your glass as I propose a toast To the long living legacy Of the Kottonmouth Kings (Long live the Kings) We still here, we got the game on lock We a

Kottonmouth Kings

Kings Blend Lyrics

by Kottonmouth Kings on album High Society

Kottonmouth Kings High Society Kings Blend Kings Blend Good Evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this years Cannabis Cup finals! Some of the best buds from all over the planet displayed

Ice Choir

The Ice Choir Lyrics

by Ice Choir on album Two Rings (Single)

I will sing the ice choir, oh transient defeat. Lifeless world, my heart aches like the wind through empty streets. Spared of good tidings, not dressed in ribbons of gold I'm gathering winter's gi

The Flower Kings

A Kings Prayer Lyrics

by The Flower Kings on album Road Back Home

Flower Kings Road Back Home A Kings Prayer Goodnight, it seems that it won't be the last goodbye How strange we see the hours fly, the voices slowly fade away Still walking tall, come walk with me t

St. Ailbe Gospel Choir

Sing Your Praises Lyrics

by St. Ailbe Gospel Choir on album Miscellaneous

St. Ailbe Gospel Choir Miscellaneous Sing Your Praises (Chorus) Sing your praises to the king for he is the king of kings. Sing your praises to the king for he is the king. sing your praises to the


Kings of Metal Lyrics

by Manowar on album Kings Of Metal

Manowar, Manowar living on the road When we're in town, speakers explode Now, we don't attract wimps 'cause we're too loud Just true metal people, that's Manowar's crowd They wanna keep us down, but

Tears for Fears

Raoul and the Kings of Spain Lyrics

by Tears for Fears on album Raoul And The Kings Of Spain

When the seventh of the seventh son Comes along and breaks the chains Raoul, Raoul, Raoul and the Kings of Spain Making it plain, making it sane To turn this loss into a gain Raoul, Raoul, Raoul and

Neva Dinova

Jesus' Choir Lyrics

by Neva Dinova on album Neva Dinova

I need you, I need you Now I'm in a fix, now I'm in a fix and I need you, I need you Now I'm in a fix, now I'm in a fix and I'm gonna run To the hills and on 'Till my he


Blood of the Kings Lyrics

by Manowar on album Kings Of Metal

Brothers the battle is raging choose your side Sing with us the battle hymns into glory ride Hail to England the sign of the hammer's our guide Forever we're fighting the world side by side On a crus


How Many Kings (Re-Imagined) Lyrics

by Downhere on album How Many Kings: Songs For Christmas

Follow the star to a place unexpected Would you believe, after all we've projected, A child in a manger? Lowly and small, the weakest of all Unlikeliest hero, wrapped in his mother's shawl - Just

The Kings

This Beat Goes On Lyrics

by The Kings on album The Kings Are Here

The Kings The Kings Are Here This Beat Goes On Hey Judy, Get Trudy You said to call you up If I was feeling moody Hey Little Donna Aw, still wanna You said to ring you up When I was in Tor

Kottonmouth Kings

Tangerine Sky Lyrics

by Kottonmouth Kings on album Rollin' Stoned

Say goodbye to a tangerine sky say hello say hello to tomorrow, when you say goodbye to a tangerine sky you lose your pain, lose your fear, lose your sorrow What if you were livin' yours instead

Van Morrison

Street Choir Lyrics

by Van Morrison on album His Band And The Street Choir

Street choir, sing me the song for the new day Don't make it long and remember to sing it the old way Let it all out, let your voice ring in the street now My fun, shall be this one to complete now


War of Kings Lyrics

by Europe on album War of Kings

[Verse 1] I am coming from the edge of madness A Northern mourns the world of men Gonna drive them into exile Or never let them breathe again [Chorus] On that night under the raging Northern s

Tokio Hotel

Kings Of Suburbia Lyrics

by Tokio Hotel on album Kings Of Suburbia

We are young With open eyes Blinded by The citylights Lose control To feel alive Just another day In paradise Diamond Sky Diamond Sky You and I You and I We are the Kings and Queens o