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Cadaverous Condition

All The Vastness Lyrics

by Cadaverous Condition on album 'For Love' I Said

outside we sit at night and watch the stars and satellites then we go inside, warm up our hands but not the chill in my heart harmony harmony harmony will never be harmony tragedy outside we s

And Hell Followed With

In Vastness I Transfigure Lyrics

by And Hell Followed With on album Proprioception

Nothing in life could prepare me for such unendingness The cadence of my heart began to swell As I beheld what no man had ever before A simplistic procedure now the bane of my entirety from sternum to


Magic Glass Monument Lyrics

by Abigor on album Miscellaneous

Abigor Miscellaneous Magic Glass Monument Awakening Although I thought I would never again In a room with no begining or end But for sure there is a center Nothing but vastness And

Poledouris Basil

Hymn To Red October Lyrics

by Poledouris Basil on album Miscellaneous

Poledouris Basil Miscellaneous Hymn To Red October HYMN TO RED OCTOBER Words and Music by Basil Poledouris Russian Translation by Herman Sinitzen Holodna hmoora.


The Eagle Nature Lyrics

by Cynic on album Focus

Learning, discerning, how to arrange Thinking the haze will just not clear Viewing, computing, our minds will stage A vehicle inside we feel the eagle nature Ever changing river flows high and low Pa

Gift Of Gab

Some Of The People Lyrics

by Gift Of Gab on album Escape 2 Mars

Some walkin the walk Some talk Some makin the crack Some wait for the outcome Some caught up in thought Some balk Some grabbin' the horns of the bull to get it on Some born with a silver spoon So

Current 93

Not Because The Fox Barks Lyrics

by Current 93 on album Aleph A Hallucinatory Mountain

Ruth and Naomi at rest In the people of their people The desert is awake Flicks its pale moon eyes Cows and crows roam And consume dead branches The Lord is on the hooves His vastness blinds th


Forty-Nine Theurgy Chains Lyrics

by Chthonic on album Mirror Of Retribution

He made it through the Festering Iceberg Now he shakes for something else Unrelieved burden, unrelieved anger, unrelieved hermetic theurgy chains Unrelieved trauma, unrelieved terror, unrelieved herme


Calling The Rain Lyrics

by Eluveitie on album Slania

A nexus fruition, whirling cognition Ulterior, the failing of words A pageant to leave me bewildered Lurch at the sight of the clandestine ascendancy Pervading anima An awe-struck principle, an

The Nixons

Sweet Beyond Lyrics

by The Nixons on album Miscellaneous

In the end, I lay the flowers I lay the flowers down I have bent my rules That I have laid before me Fallin' deeper still Than I ever thought I would and I would again As we begin this journey Put y


Heroes In The Sky Lyrics

by Folkearth on album Father Of Victory

At last the flaming arrows* Fall like heavy rain upon me And I am sailing towards The vastness of the endless sky... In Valhalla I will dine tonight Like all heroes in the sky! In my dreams, a Valky

Dark Fortress

No Longer Human Lyrics

by Dark Fortress on album Eidolon

Open the aethyr With a creak like a quake And a hiss of newborn stars There is division, hither, homeward We call to life The Anti-Janus The anti-door That splits the mirror We call to death The dre


Newborn Race Lyrics

by Ayreon on album 01011001

[The Incentive] [Daniel Gindenlow:] There must be a way to enrich our lives. A way to awaken a nation that dies. There must be a way to revive our past. A way to break free from a world that won'