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Wolves in the Throne Room

Vastness and Sorrow Lyrics

by Wolves in the Throne Room on album Two Hunters

Behold the vastness and sorrow of this empty land A dark and Fell Rider clad in garments of shadow Is the lord of this place A cruel and wonton king, A priest of a black religion is he The hoof beat

Poema Arcanus

Vastness Lyrics

by Poema Arcanus on album Arcane XIII

[L: Claudio C., M: Igor L.] The life is so fragile and our time here is so short Accustomed to this reality, we'll never touch the truth The vastness blinds us and our minds cry Cry under the insecur


Saturnine Vastness Lyrics

by Colosseum on album Chapter 1: Delirium

Bleak time stands still here Frozen vastness of nothingness I feel nothing but pain Can't escape the infinity of screams I writhe in unending bliss of torment, neverending So blind to my being that o

Cadaverous Condition

All The Vastness Lyrics

by Cadaverous Condition on album 'For Love' I Said

outside we sit at night and watch the stars and satellites then we go inside, warm up our hands but not the chill in my heart harmony harmony harmony will never be harmony tragedy outside we s

And Hell Followed With

In Vastness I Transfigure Lyrics

by And Hell Followed With on album Proprioception

Nothing in life could prepare me for such unendingness The cadence of my heart began to swell As I beheld what no man had ever before A simplistic procedure now the bane of my entirety from sternum to

Enthroning Silence

Crimson Deliverance Behind Hermetic Lines Lyrics

by Enthroning Silence on album A Dream of Nightskies

Night crawls to me Devouring everything As a fatal mother Longing for it's own flesh Sweat warm liar of thorn Black Abyss opens just for me Offering Vast eternal silence Answer my laments Father, prot

Embrace of Thorns

My Hermetic Quest for Thy Blackest Temple Lyrics

by Embrace of Thorns on album Darkness Impenetrable

I seek you not with arrogance I cherish your mysteries without any vanity Have I revered thy blazing presence and I have felt the warmth of thy scorching black flame Scratch under the surface


The Mentu Dynasty Lyrics

by Thralldom on album A Shaman Steering the Vessel of Vastness

...(like) a shaman steering the vessel of vastness... inhale the green lion's vapours... we are all dead dogs without the leaf... the truest medicine from the pure earth... the engine of reality emits

Poledouris Basil

Hymn To Red October Lyrics

by Poledouris Basil on album Miscellaneous

Poledouris Basil Miscellaneous Hymn To Red October HYMN TO RED OCTOBER Words and Music by Basil Poledouris Russian Translation by Herman Sinitzen Holodna hmoora.


The Eagle Nature Lyrics

by Cynic on album Focus

Learning, discerning, how to arrange Thinking the haze will just not clear Viewing, computing, our minds will stage A vehicle inside we feel the eagle nature Ever changing river flows high and low Pa

Gift Of Gab

Some Of The People Lyrics

by Gift Of Gab on album Escape 2 Mars

Some walkin the walk Some talk Some makin the crack Some wait for the outcome Some caught up in thought Some balk Some grabbin' the horns of the bull to get it on Some born with a silver spoon So

Current 93

Not Because The Fox Barks Lyrics

by Current 93 on album Aleph A Hallucinatory Mountain

Ruth and Naomi at rest In the people of their people The desert is awake Flicks its pale moon eyes Cows and crows roam And consume dead branches The Lord is on the hooves His vastness blinds th