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Throw Me the Statue

Groundswell Lyrics

by Throw Me the Statue on album Moonbeams

You wanna talk, lazy animals? How much I relate I'll throw myself in the back seat, just wait I'll be a big social barnacle We do this to ourselves I took a hit and it felt like groundswell That's h

The Ghost

Groundswell Lyrics

by The Ghost on album Living Tomorrow Today: A Benefit for Ty Cambra

We're all dying in the living room Wait on this life that's not yours I've been looking in windows I figure there's one good person on every block I found only signs of life within these dead end stre

Shawn Colvin & Lucy Kaplansky

Heart on Ice Lyrics

by Shawn Colvin & Lucy Kaplansky on album Fast Folk Musical Magazine, Volume 3, No. 7: Live at the Bottom Line

As I sit in the all night diner You return to your easy chair You awake to your work and your woman And I'll dream that it's me lying there You can look in my eyes but you'll never know There's an ach

Jethro Tull

Ears Of Tin - 2006 Remastered Version Lyrics

by Jethro Tull on album Rock Island

In the late hours of a sunset rendezvous --- chill breeze against tide, that carries me from you. Got a job in a southern city --- got some lead-free in my tank. Now I must whisper goodbye --- I'm bou

Jethro Tull

Ears of Tin Lyrics

by Jethro Tull on album Rock Island

In the late hours of a sunset rendezvous Chill breeze against tide that carries me through you Got a job in a southern city, got some lead-free in my tank Now I must whisper goodbye, I'm bound for the

Dead to Me

Splendid Isolation Lyrics

by Dead to Me on album Cuban Ballerina

He's thinking of the hungry rats Inside his stomach and he knows that Nothing ever changes anyway He can see himself there He knows that look, it's called despair His father taught him to wear it wel

Good Riddance

Strickland vs. Washington Lyrics

by Good Riddance on album Good Riddance / Kill Your Idols

In every phase and facet of national life there is a war being waged on america's poor the only apparent solution to this scourge of homelessness is to build more and more prisons the sun descends on

Simon Bookish

Victorinox Lyrics

by Simon Bookish on album Everything/Everything

See the place on the map A circle in black demarking the place which we will attack Set fire to the sails, set forth on the sea See the place on the map, Valhalla in black The place where you live is

The Loud Family & Anton Barbeau

Total Mass Destruction Lyrics

by The Loud Family & Anton Barbeau on album What If It Works?

There's a raincoat left on a lifeboat after the flood moved past There's a pawnshop cranking the bebop Quoting the choicest deal in years And the phono wails but we don't know if anyone hears There'


Hymn Lyrics

by Fleurie on album Nashville Indie Spotlight Christmas

Somewhere high up in the air there I had long forgotten I belong to you Some unconscious stream of twisted logic Caught me in its whirlwind, left me black and blue I was senseless, battered and defens

Maple Bee

Blackbird Lyrics

by Maple Bee on album These Four Worlds

I’m pulled down by the groundswell I’m lost deep in this cave I grip tight to the guide rope Still praying I can change Some people swear by folk law But I think we are made of other stuff

Capillary Action

Life Of Luxury Lyrics

by Capillary Action on album Capsized

I've stumbled upon a life of luxury* The more I resist the more I keep falling prey The rewards are just too few and far between I can no longer evade the guilt of gluttony The knowledge stays w