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Gilbert And Sullivan

Chorus Song Lyrics

by Gilbert And Sullivan on album The Grand Duke (Or The Statutory Duel) Act Ii

Gilbert And Sullivan The Grand Duke (Or The Statutory Duel) Act Ii Chorus Song CHORUS: As before you we defile, Eloia! Eloia! Pray you, gentles, do not smile If we shout, in classic style, Eloia


Circus Lyrics

by MellowHype on album BlackenedWhite (Mixtape)

[Verse 1: Left Brain] Just finished hitting these bitches and now I'm dipping This barbecue sauce on my fried chicken Am I tripping? I said that backwards I rock my hat backwards, I'm on the beat, my

Hell Razah

Ghetto Government (Remix) Lyrics

by Hell Razah on album When All Hell Breaks Loose

[** feat. Killah Priest, Timbo King:] [Chorus x4: Hell Razah] We form the ghetto government* You either hate us or you lovin it Ghetto government for those who strugglin [Timbo King] Yo, ain't

Hine Rupert

Don't Be Alarmed Lyrics

by Hine Rupert on album Unfinished Picture

Hine Rupert Unfinished Picture Don't Be Alarmed Don't be alarmed If I bark at the moon You know it's only shadow boxing The prerogative of fools And it ain't against the rules No it ain't against