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Pearl Jam

Evacuation Lyrics

by Pearl Jam on album Binaural

Pearl Jam Binaural Evacuation The sirens scream wanton attention. Time to take heed and change direction. Time to take stock and make omissions. Evacuation. Evacuation. Time to take leave all

Ryan Leslie

Evacuation Lyrics

by Ryan Leslie on album Black Mozart

[Intro] Les Evacuation Ring the alarm for the Evacuation Evacuation Ring the alarm for the Evacuation [Hook] Oh you looking at me like I'm a martian? There's babies out here having abortion

Bruce Springsteen

Evacuation Of The West (a.k.a. No More Kings In Texas) Lyrics

by Bruce Springsteen on album Before The Fame

Bruce Springsteen Before The Fame Evacuation Of The West (a.k.a. No More Kings In Texas) It was on the day the cowboys were abandoned from the ranch Middle touch world as a master They rode their po

Springsteen Bruce

Evacuation Of The West (a.k.a. No More Kings in Te Lyrics

by Springsteen Bruce on album Before the Fame

Springsteen Bruce Before the Fame Evacuation Of The West (a.k.a. No More Kings in Te Copyrights do not allow these lyrics to be displayed on the net. You can support the artist by purchasing the shee


Evacuation Code Deciphered Lyrics

by Arcturus on album Sideshow Symphonies

Change channel I am bored again Take five and restart the game I suggest a different approach Remake the world with a devilish touch Evolution is too slow ghost Relax and sit back I am your new h

Electric Six

Rock and Roll Evacuation Lyrics

by Electric Six on album Miscellaneous

This is an evil generation I see with my eyes I seen 'em walking around in their suits And honey, I seen the ties Evil girls biting good girls Turning good girls into evil girls Evil boys eating evil


No Evacuation Lyrics

by Unseen on album The Anger And The Truth

Chaos chaos hear that sound When the time comes what are you gonna do? When the sirens blow, 10 seconds of chaos Is it your regret? does it matter anyway? When the poisons come from all around No Ev

Hostages for Smack

Violent Society Lyrics

by Hostages for Smack on album Britannia Bleeding

I'm fighting on the streets, I'm breaking all the rules, I'm up all night, I sleep all day, There is no other way. Heaven, Aint for me. I'm drinking all the week, Beating on the beat, I lo


Siren Sound Lyrics

by Intervals on album A Voice Within

Mayday, mayday A deviant on a tirade Broadcasting hearsay Sirens sound the evacuation call To clear the streets and make your way back home Target in custody, awaiting cleanse Listener debriefin


Robot Bastard Lyrics

by Ogre on album Bastards of Death

Robot Bastard come to me, fill me with your hate, Deaths contraption, murderous machine that never hesitates. Robot Bastard kill them all for what they've done to me, Indiscriminate sinister machin

Broken Hope

Dilation And Extraction Lyrics

by Broken Hope on album Repulsive Conception

Blurring the line between abortion and infanticide D & X. the most impious form of terminating tots Dilation and evacuation, such a problem for the doctors By the second trimester infantile tissues

Circle Of Contempt

The Pendulum Swing Lyrics

by Circle Of Contempt on album Artifacts In Motion

Spread the infected in circles* The clock is ticking around this failing human breeding ground. This cursed race is destined to crawl in its own filth, And scavenge the cure from the masses Of the fal


Antennas Lyrics

by Rancid on album Rancid 2000

Rancid Rancid 2000 Antennas Your selling sexism your selling racism your selling anything you get your fucking hands on An understanding, you got a plan in a Presentation to advertisers who demand

Hilltop Hoods

Parade Of The Dead Lyrics

by Hilltop Hoods on album State Of The Art

[Verse 1:] ~Pressure~ Quarter to midnight, a scene of slaughter I'm in flight, Red running water getting caught in the rip tide, Cars out of order man I thought I could hitch hike, Sporting a cha

Angie Martinez

Live from the Streets Lyrics

by Angie Martinez on album Up Close And Personal

Oh senorita, when the evening sun go down I come to serenade you from another part of town Let's get it on, it's Angie Mar' reportin' live from the streets From Y.O. to Philly and Harlem to Q.B. When


Fly Away Lyrics

by FFH on album Have I Ever Told You

Okay you win, you caught me day dreamin' again About our sudden evacuation Okay I give in, I can't help but wonderin' But it seems I can't get enough information Curiosity has got a hold on me Tell m

Cypress Hill

Once Again Lyrics

by Cypress Hill on album Till Death Do Us Part

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I bring to you Once again it's Cypress Hill (Once again) Once again it's Cypress Hill (The greatest show on earth) Once again it's Cypress Hill (Back again) Once