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Elijah ("Elvira" by the Oak Ridge Boys) Lyrics

by ApologetiX on album Miscellaneous

Elijah, Elijah Don't start no fires, Elijah Elijah looked toward Heaven, it got very bright The fire fell sure enough takin' fifty guys lives I've got a feelin' I'm about to die â€~Cause I know El

Head East

Elijah Lyrics

by Head East on album Raise A Little Hell

We are people looking for A new and promise land Found him with fire and rain Crossing desert sand We were right, the moonlit night Never stop for days Oh, we are of the chosen few Elijah kn

The Game

Freedom (featuring Elijah Blake) Lyrics

by The Game on album Jesus Piece

(Verse 1: Game) Holdin' my daughter in the booth Her momma out there somewhere in that Bentley tryin' to find a roof Poof, I wave my wand and here comes Kendrick Niggas say the west ain't winnin',

Wes King

I Believe Lyrics

by Wes King on album Miscellaneous

I believe in six days and a rest God is good, I do confess with Him I believe in Adam and Eve In a tree and a garden In a snake and a thief I believe, I believe I believe in the word of God, yeah I b

Ron Stanfield

God Told the Black Ravens Lyrics

by Ron Stanfield on album Gospel Songs for Kids

I’ll sing you a story that might seem absurd How God in His wisdom made the use of a bird For to keep Elijah alive and not dead God told the black ravens to bring meat and bread Chorus: To br


As Wool Lyrics

by Wovenhand on album The Laughing Stalk

And it came to pass... and in the mean while in the heaven black go again...back 7 times behold the stone with 7 eyes a little cloud rises from the sea the multitude arose and led him unto thee

Killah Priest

O Emmanuel Lyrics

by Killah Priest on album Behind The Stained Glass

(feat. Jeni Fujita) [Killah Priest:] From her womb I went zoom Through a misty gloom pass the moon Through a gape in deep space Finally I had room To create, I shift shape A single thought brought me


Fed By Ravens, Eaten By Vultures Lyrics

by Tourniquet on album Antiseptic Bloodbath

After final separation of the twelve tribes, the kingdom of Israel succumbed to idolatry God's anger raged at King Ahab and his nation for idolatry and persecution of His priests They were put


Alone (L’orange Featuring Blu) Lyrics

by Blu on album Soul Amazing Part Three

[Verse 1: Blu] There was a man who got a stadium, a man who got a farm A field, a auditorium, and one who got none A man who got riches, the bitches, glamour, the glitz The ritz, fitz, the roxy, a

Gaither Vocal Band

Low Down The Chariot Lyrics

by Gaither Vocal Band on album Better Day

Low down the chariot, let me ride Low down the chariot, let me ride Low down the chariot, let me ride Low down the chariot, let me ride Low down the chariot, let me ride Low down the chariot, let me

The Game

Life Is But a Dream Lyrics

by The Game on album OKE (Mixtape)

[Intro: Martin Luther King SpeeAnnotatech] I am happy to join with you today And what will go down in history As the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation [Verse 1] So

Tony Touch

Brooklyn's The Borough - Featuring Papoose, Uncle Murda Lyrics

by Tony Touch on album The Piece Maker 3: Return Of The 50 MCs

[Intro: Tony Touch Scratchin] Never takin shorts 'cause Brooklyn's the borough-"Guru" P-P-P-Peace out to Brooklyn! [Papoose (Tony Touch Scratchin):] Yeah! Fresh off that Brooklyn Bridge man! Re


Voodoo Economics Lyrics

by Faker on album Miscellaneous

You got the curtain call Before your hands were tied into the ground You got the kitchen hand job easily You'll be king of this here town We're never gonna let you down You were pulling tips from nin

Vinnie Paz

No Spiritual Surrender Lyrics

by Vinnie Paz on album Season Of The Assassin

(*Prod. by DJ Muggs) [** feat. Sick Jacken:] [Verse 1:] I don't know why y'all scared now, this ain't a new game* Christians been raping children over in Ukraine I don't indulge


Time Traveler Lyrics

by K-Rino on album Time Traveler

[** feat. Mista Mann:] [K-Rino:] Extreme genius, means supreme linguist Steam from the unseen beam, left teams spleinless Thought schemes redeem, souls and bring cleanness A king sleeps sixteen blin


Wachanoabout Lyrics

by KRS-One on album Adventures In Emceein

[KRS-One:] We gonna take it to the back of your brain (tell 'em!) We put it on the side of a train (tell 'em!) We gonna make it so simple and plain Revolutionary people, yo this ain't a game! (tell 'e


Liquid Wordz Lyrics

by Canibus on album For Whom The Beat Tolls

(feat. Killah Priest and Sun) [Sample:] It's very difficult to know if... Northerners are puppets, or... They are innocent, or... They are the masterminds [Canibus:] These are "Liquid Word

Ice Cube

When I Get To Heaven (Remix) Lyrics

by Ice Cube on album Bootlegs & B-Sides

Microphone check, yo, yeah They won't call me a nigga They won't call me a nigga Listen to the preacher man, but are you talkin' to me? I can't hear you with a mouth full of pig's feet Thy shouldn't


Messenger Lyrics

by Luciano on album Miscellaneous

Jah send I as a messenger To teach the youth about roots and culture And tell the massive fi remember Jah That's all I a deal with iyah well Jah send I as a messenger To teach the youth about roots an

Blind Boys Of Alabama

Atom Bomb Lyrics

by Blind Boys Of Alabama on album Atom Bomb

(You know now) Everybody's worried (hey now) about that atom bomb (Well) No one seems worried about the day my Lord shall come (You'd better) Set your house in order (fore he) he may be coming soon