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Dali Lyrics

by Mecano on album Ana, Jose, Nacho

Dali se desdibuja Tirita su burbuja Al descontar latidos Dali se decolora Porque esta lavadora No distingue tejidos El se da cuenta y asustado se lamenta Los genios no deben morir Son mas de ochenta

Kate Bush

Dali Lyrics

by Kate Bush on album The Phoenix Sessions

High, in Castille, Lives senora Dali alone. And higher still She keeps her gallery. Distance means nothing to me. A-ee-aha-ee-aha-oo, A-ee-aha-ee-aha-oo... Debris everywhere, Gazing. It's amazi

Dali's Car

Dalis Car Lyrics

by Dali's Car on album Miscellaneous

Together, arm in arm In an avenue white and tall Tower block buildings telling tales This is [unverified] Time is waiting on the floor A [unverified] from who My friend is clawing at the dial It tell

Dali's Car

Moonlife Lyrics

by Dali's Car on album Miscellaneous

What guides me Through this moonlife Open your closed door Open your closed door Tell me of the child you see You're the one to dare Tell me of the child you see Teach me to prepare Midnight, all ar


Eungenio Salvador Dali Lyrics

by Mecano on album Descanso Dominical

Mecano Descanso Dominical Eungenio Salvador Dali (J.M. Cano) Dali se desdibuja tirita su burbuja al descontar latidos Dali se decolora porque esta lavadora no distingue tejidos el se da cuent

Todd Rundgren

Da Da Dali Lyrics

by Todd Rundgren on album Miscellaneous

Rundgren Todd A Wizard A True Star Da Da Dali Dada Dali goodbye, Dada Dali don't sigh Your soft alarm clocks quake me So boil your beans and meet me at Perignon Station Crutch me Dali again,

Todd Rundgren

Just Another Onionhead/Dada Dali Lyrics

by Todd Rundgren on album A Wizard, a True Star

The blessing of the turtles, the eggs lay on the lawn Paint a pretty picture for me to sit upon The calling of the rabbit, the falling of the hare The hat man then begins to play, a song is everywh

Sam Concepcion

Kay Dali Lyrics

by Sam Concepcion on album Sam Concepcion

Ohh kay dali kong isipin na tayo’y magkapiling Ohh kay dali kong sabihin itong aking munting lihim Pagkat ikaw ay hangin na nagbalik sa akin Hindi ako magsasawa na awitan ka giliw Ako ay nanin

Thompson Twins

Salvador Dali's Car Lyrics

by Thompson Twins on album Big Trash

Thompson Twins Big Trash Salvador Dali's Car I had a dream, a dream that would make you scream I was climbing inside a brilliant mind I was gathering flowers at the bottom of the ocean And laughing

Television Personalities

Salvador Dali's Garden Party Lyrics

by Television Personalities on album Privilege

Got an invitation to a garden party And it said that everyone would be there Famous painters, Pop Art poets and Hollywood filmstars More celebrities than you have ever seen In a week of TV So I