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Dafina Zeqiri

Dangerous in Love Lyrics

by Dafina Zeqiri on album Ne të 2

Baby let me show you how (how) 2 explore them feelings wild (wild) Never wanna let you go (Baby, you got me goin ahh) Your body close to mine (mine) Feelin the heat around (round) Never felt this way

Dafina Zeqiri

Hate You, Love You Lyrics

by Dafina Zeqiri on album Hate You, Love You

Uuu uuu uuu uuu I get the butterflies everytime when you're around, dimples on, feet on the ground Mi heart so fly, I'm naked So light I feel your touch of your heat I feel the touch as, when you sp

Chinx feat. Dafina Zeqiri

Wake up Lyrics

by Chinx feat. Dafina Zeqiri on album I'll Take It from Here

Found myself making other pieces of me that you discarded So this is what they talk about when they say broken hearted Thought I was a' kind of person, the type who had a handle As we would have it an


Bloodah Lyrics

by Dafina on album Ne Vete Valle

Jah!! You didn't expect dis, did you? Jah!! Bloodah I put the bloodah on his face I told you don't be messin' around Bloodah I make sure he be on his place now tell me who's the gangsta now I call it

Etnon feat. DJ Blunt & Real 1

Music Is My Ghetto Lyrics

by Etnon feat. DJ Blunt & Real 1 on album Best of, Pt. 2

Dj.Blunt: One'Two - One'Two It's ur number 1 Dj.Blunt I got Etnon up in here Real 1 what'up .'Uuu Music is my Ghetto My life is rithem, drinking and that is schampain mamy is club banging cars and bar