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Kevin Rudolf

Crashing Down Lyrics

by Kevin Rudolf on album To The Sky

Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh Oh, oh, oh You'll never know the life that I've been through Your tears fall, I see you miss me too But just know, it's not the same So don't say you feel my pain 'Cause you do

Paul Wright

Crashing Down Lyrics

by Paul Wright on album Miscellaneous

You are someone even if nobody knows you You are not a no one You are why I'm here basking in your tears Don't you know that I love you Where you go from here is up to you Which road will you choose

Eagle-Eye Cherry

Crashing Down Lyrics

by Eagle-Eye Cherry on album Miscellaneous

I've never see the sky like that I can't believe that it could do that I closed my eyes before the sun could set I slept and waited for my, waited for my I waited for my dreams to land I waited for m

Mat Kearney

Crashing Down Lyrics

by Mat Kearney on album Miscellaneous

These back steps are steeper to the ground The brightest stars are falling down I'm walking the edge, walking the tightest rope We can be frank, reality rips on through, rolling like a hurricane I'm o

Army Of Lovers

Crashing Down Lyrics

by Army Of Lovers on album Big Battle Of Egos

(Intro) Liberté, égalité, sexualité (Verse) Love was such a sweet surprise, Sneaking like a thief into my heart. Love was such a sweet surprise, Bending my knees. Suddenly the quick de

Del Amitri

Crashing Down Lyrics

by Del Amitri on album Twisted

Well it might not be important to you now When the night is young and everyone's around And the music flows Through your doped up Disney mind But you'll be crying like a baby when it comes And you wi


Crashing Down Lyrics

by VSO on album Release Control

Intro If it all came crashing down Verse 1 What if the moon and the stars straight Fell out of the sky Or if the sun and the earth just Decide to collide I’ll be right there loving you


Crashing Down Lyrics

by Emmi on album Solitary Motions

I am diving up this mountain I am climbing to the bottom of this sea I'm wearing shades when it is midnight I'm walking backwards and my eyes, they are closed And now that all four walls co


Crashing Down Lyrics

by Sugarcult on album Start Static

Sugarcult Start Static Crashing Down I've got something up my sleeve that I don't want to show you Cause everytime I bleed I make a fool of me I've got shakey little fingers, that hold on to your gr

Common Children

Crashing Down Lyrics

by Common Children on album Miscellaneous

This damaged world can change you Break you open, spill you to the ground It leaves you stranded, empty handed Hits you when you're down Try and hold it back When you're standing there with nothing T

Heather Dale

Crashing Down* Lyrics

by Heather Dale on album The Hidden Path

You must be getting pretty tired Of the man who once inspired you Going back on what he asked you to believe All the promises of power From his glittering ivory tower Where's the height that he once t

Heather Dale

Crashing Down Lyrics

by Heather Dale on album May Queen

You must be getting pretty tired Of the man who once inspired you Going back on what he asked you to believe All the promises of power From his glittering ivory tower Where's the height that he once t

The 69 Eyes

Crashing Down Lyrics

by The 69 Eyes on album Miscellaneous

69 Eyes Miscellaneous Crashing Down You've got everything you need Still ready to open up and bleed Reading all the magazines Reading all the books About the real diamond rings And dirty books I

Stray From The Path

Crashing Down Lyrics

by Stray From The Path on album Rising Sun

Burning bridges connect me to this city Street lights go out I'm lost but I'm free There's a pain in my heart on this lonely road Wherever I wake up I'll have to call it home I can't pretend tha

Olivia Broadfield

Crashing Down Lyrics

by Olivia Broadfield on album Miscellaneous

Countdown to the situation 3, 2, 1, my imaginations Controlling, controlling, controlling I was just getting going I was stopping nothing for you, for you Wait for you, for you And everything is cra

Pursuit Of Happiness

Crashing Down Lyrics

by Pursuit Of Happiness on album Downward Road

Pursuit Of Happiness Downward Road Crashing Down I don't need that drink - I know I've had enough How much is enough? Deciding that is kind of tough Are all those empties mine, Lord have mercy Hey

Chris Webby

Crashing Down Lyrics

by Chris Webby on album Best In The Burbs (Mixtape)

[Verse 1 :Chris Webby] I'm at the bottom of the barrel, the end of the blunt The edge of the cliff, feelin' my brain tellin' me to jump The struggle in my heart, me and you we don't bleed the same

Beth Hart

Crashing Down Lyrics

by Beth Hart on album 37 Days

Hell is on to me This desert wants a She Black fire becomes the road Diving down the dark Gold inside my hear Black fire begins to blow [Chorus:] I'm crashing down There's no one for miles

Soul Asylum

Crashing Down Lyrics

by Soul Asylum on album While You Were Out

Dyin' on a bed of roses in the middle of the night Woke up in a cold dark basement, lookin' through candlelights Up all night, still he can't come crashing down (Just an undertaker) Like a ghost o

Dead Poetic

Crashing Down Lyrics

by Dead Poetic on album Vices

Don't fool the crowd with all your sentiments in vain We are alive again, we will survive again Don't turn your back to every move you ever made We are alive again, we will survive again And all thes