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Alice Donut

For Consumer Decency Lyrics

by Alice Donut on album Miscellaneous

Alice Donut Miscellaneous For Consumer Decency I killed a woman in the 10 Items or Less Lane. She was so rude. Get your hands off of my food. Get your hands off of my Tang. Get your hands of

Hyperborea (Bgr)

Soul Consumer Lyrics

by Hyperborea (Bgr) on album Cryogenic Somnia

Hidden in the shadow of the past* And lurking in the silhouette of the future Existing with one and single aim To arrange our fates and lives Consumer of innocence Consumer of souls Consumer of

Super Furry Animals

Neo Consumer Lyrics

by Super Furry Animals on album Miscellaneous

(Oh, oh, oh) Sometimes feel I'm running aground When I'm running around, running around Round, round, round Sometimes I feel lost when I'm found Yes, I'm lost when I'm found, head in the ground Boo,


Consumer Lyrics

by Focused on album Miscellaneous

We're all living in selfishness And not caring about others lives But we only want what we want This greed right in front of our eyes View our worth, is out of control We see it and just keep taking

Icon Of Coil

Consumer Lyrics

by Icon Of Coil on album Machines Are Us

I became the consumer of the ends you created Alienated myself Through hell and higher grounds Fascinated by static behavior I'll obtain what I want, recycle Echo, re-echo I'll set no limit

Neil Young

The Restless Consumer Lyrics

by Neil Young on album Miscellaneous

The people have heard the news The people have spoken You may not like what they said But they weren't jokin' Way out on the desert sands Lies a desperate lover They call her the, "Queen of Oil" So m

Coheed and Cambria

Time Consumer Lyrics

by Coheed and Cambria on album The Second Stage Turbine Blade

The young stale memories of play the role to your part Librarian find me the pole, the one that kicks your head in To my own time roll your own innocence by Grab on to my sleeve the one that grabs at


The Consumer's Song Lyrics

by Anti-Flag on album A New Kind of Army

Don't trust 'em as far As you can throw 'em Because as strong as you may be You won't be able to move 'em an inch But you don't have to believe me Go ahead and be the corporate stooge That they train

Velocity Girl

All-Consumer Lyrics

by Velocity Girl on album Simpatico

When your car comes crashing Through your morning routine And there's nothing left to do I'll be standing by and watching you And if you ever wonder If I still remember Well I'd like to think I do It

Fit For An Autopsy

The Consumer Lyrics

by Fit For An Autopsy on album Process Of Human Extermination

A desecration, a wasteland, a gluttons paradise. A world infected, a breed emaciated, a disgusting way of living life. Ingested genetic pollution. Bleed the well dry pulsing through the arteries. Co

August Burns Red

Consumer Lyrics

by August Burns Red on album Thriller

A front seat to your own flick, flick If only you could see how much your emotions waver Words are flowing from your mouth at lightning speed They're packing heat and are ready to kill And are ready t

X-Ray Spex

India Lyrics

by X-Ray Spex on album Conscious Consumer

X-Ray Spex Miscellaneous India India, India, India India, India, clarified butter from the holy cow India, India, India I'm a pauper bereft of spiritual vision Looking for a guru such a decision Indi

Colonel Reyel

Vendredi Ou La Nuit Sauvage Lyrics

by Colonel Reyel on album Au Rapport

Nuit sauvage, en ce Vendredi Comme un lion en cage, j'éveille mon appétit Vendredi ou la nuit sauvage, Yeah, Yeah Impossible de tourner la page Oh, oh Vendredi ou la nuit sauvage, Yeah, Yeah, Yo

Colonel Reyel

Besoin D'evasion Lyrics

by Colonel Reyel on album Au Rapport

besoin d'évasion couplet 1 un vide si immense m'envahit j'me sens mal ici à ma famille,mes amis j'ai rien dit j'ai meme menti rester vivre a paris pourquoi faire ? ici tout est gris par

Spex Xray

Cigarettes Lyrics

by Spex Xray on album Conscious Consumer

Pack it up cigarettes on the counter.carrying the governer of california And still they want the money , still they want the tax Still they want the money still they want the tax Why not take paper c


The Model Lyrics

by Kraftwerk on album Man Machine

She's a model and she's looking good I'd like to take her home that's understood She plays hard to get, she smiles from time to time It only takes a camera to change her mind She's going out tonight

Westside Connection

3 Time Felons Lyrics

by Westside Connection on album Bow Down

What would you do If I punked your whole crew? Would you run like a bitch from me? Niggaz don't test 'coz we come from the west Yes, the W-S to the C Westside Westside niggaz Fuck everybody that used


Perspektive Lyrics

by Laibach on album Rekapitulacija 1980-84

Laibach Rekapitulacija 1980-84 Perspektive (Perspektiven / Perspectives) [Spoken in English:] Laibach takes over an organisational system of work, after the model of industrial production and tot