Incognito Lyrics

Genre: Jazz

Incognito Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Deep Waters
2 Smile of a child
3 If You Want My Love
4 Freedom To Love
5 Marrakech
6 Always There
7 Fountain Of Life
8 Pieces of a Dream
9 Centre Of The Sun
10 It May Rain Sometime
11 Where Did We Go Wrong
12 Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing
13 I Love What You Do for Me
14 Everyday
15 Wild and Peaceful
16 Labour of Love
17 I've Been Waiting
18 Pyramids
19 Living Against the River
20 Misunderstood
21 Out of the Storm
22 Step into My Life
23 Still a Friend of Mine
24 Goodbye to Yesterday
25 Happy People
26 Sluggish
27 Cada Dia (Day By Day)
28 I Couldn't Love You More
29 Crazy for you
30 Roots
31 Fences And Barriers
32 Skin On My Skin
33 Talkin' Loud
34 Above the Night
35 NOT
36 The Hands of Time
37 When Tomorrow Brings You Down
38 Lost [feat. Viv May]
39 Nights over Egypt (MAW Bonus Beats)
40 Spellbound and speechless
41 Stone Cold Heart
42 Get Into My Groove
43 Castles In The Air
44 Where Do We Go from Here
45 Ain't It Time
46 Stop Running Away
47 Blue (I'm Still Here With You)
48 Beyond The Wall
49 Life Ain't Nothing But A Good Thing
50 Time Has Come
51 Roots (Back to a Way of Life)
52 I Can See The Future
53 Worlds Collide
54 Slow Down(Get A Grip)
55 Celebrate your life
56 Capricorn Sun
57 I Remember A Time
58 Wind Sorceress
59 Don't Turn My Love Away
60 A Shade of Blue
61 Treason
62 Make Room For Love
63 Too Far Gone
64 The Principles Of Love
65 It Ain't Easy
66 Bring You Down
67 Change
68 Don't Wanna Know
69 Another Way
70 Crave
71 Barumba
72 Serated
73 Can't Get Enough
74 The Smile Of A Child
75 There Will Come A Day
76 Restless As We Are
77 Never Look Back
78 I See the Sun
79 Everybody Loves the Sunshine
80 Beneath the Surface
81 Roll The Dice
82 The Winter Of My Springs
83 Without You
84 Don't Worry About A Thing
85 More Of Myself
86 Stay Mine
87 Rivers On the Sun
88 When Words Are Just Words
89 Never Known a Love Like This
90 Listen to the Music
91 Zodiac
92 Tell Me What To Do
93 Baby It's Alright
94 Nights Over Egypt
95 Rivers Runnin' Black
96 Keep The Promise
97 Don't Break Me Down
98 Feel The Pressure
99 Deeper Still
100 Tin Man
101 Kerb Stomp
102 Cut It Loose
103 Can you feel me
104 As Long As It's You
105 Parisienne Girl
106 River In My Dreams
107 The Stars from Here
108 Silence Of My Mind
109 Amplify My Soul, Pt. 2
110 Gotta
111 Good Love
112 It's Just One Of Those Things
113 Inside Life
114 Did We Really Ever Try
115 Summer's Ended
116 Lowdown
117 To Be With You
118 1975
119 Something 'Bout July
120 Let's Fall In Love Again
121 Hold On To Me
122 Fly
123 Promise You The Moon
124 Autumn Song
125 Do Right
126 Shine On
127 Everything That We Are
128 This Must Be Love
129 Your Sun My Sky
130 Day or Night
131 The Song
132 I Hear Your Name
133 Mr. Jones
134 Release Yourself
135 People At The Top
136 Givin' It Up
137 Wake up the City
138 Step Aside
139 The Way You Love
140 Line In The Sand
141 Rapture
142 Put A Little Lovin' In Your Heart
143 Slow Down (Get A Grip)
144 Smile
145 This Thing Called Love
146 Keep The Fires Burning
147 Interference
148 Thoughtful Fantasies
149 Hands Up if You Wanna Be Loved
150 All Of My Life
151 Beyond The Clouds
152 Chase The Clouds Away
153 Raise
154 Sunburn
155 When The Sun Comes Down
156 Shuffle The Deck
157 Let The Mystery Be
158 Hats (Make Me Wanna Holler)
159 Expresso Madureira
160 True to Myself
161 Incognito
162 Reach Out
163 Positivity
164 Walking on Wheels
165 Love Joy Understanding
166 Secret Intelligence
167 Byrd Plays
168 Silver Shadow
169 That's the Way of the World
170 One Hundred and Rising
171 Morning Sun
172 Got To Know
173 Smiling Faces
174 The Less You Know
175 I Come Alive
176 Nighttide (Incognito Remix)
177 Amplify My Soul, Pt. 1
178 Summer in the City
179 Everything Your Heart Desires
180 Why Don't You Believe
181 Down To Earth

Incognito Bio

Incognito is a British band as well as one of the members of the English acid jazz movement. Their debut album, Jazz Funk, was released in 1981, with twelve more albums following, the last of which, Tales From The Beach, was released in 2008.

The band's frontman, composer, record producer, guitarist and singer is Jean-Paul 'Bluey' Maunick. Other notable band members have included the singers Jocelyn Brown, Carleen Anderson, Tony Momrelle, Imaani, Maysa Leak, Kelli Sae (of Count Basic),and Joy Malcom.

The band has had intermittent success in the UK Singles Chart, with their breakthrough hit a cover version of the Ronnie Laws tune "Always There", featuring Jocelyn Brown, which made #6 in the UK. The group's 1992 single, "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing" saw similar success, reaching #19 in the UK. They have also been a favourite of various re-mixers, including Masters At Work, David Morales, Roger Sanchez and Jazzanova, and have released several albums consisting almost entirely of remixes.

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