Imperiet Song Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Imperiet Bio

Imperiet were a Swedish 1980s rock band from Stockholm, that existed from 1983 to 1988. They were arguably the most influential band in Sweden of the period, but definitely dominated the new wave scene, which at the time was seen as the same as the punk rock scene.

Imperiet started as Rymdimperiet, a side project to the most popular punk band in Sweden, Ebba Grön, and included three of its members. When Ebba Grön broke up in 1983, Rymdimperiet re-emerged as Imperiet; with Joakim Thåström (lead vocals, guitar), Anders "Stry" Sjöholm (vocals, guitar) and Gunnar "Gurra" Ljungstedt (drums), all three originally from Ebba Grön. They were joined by Christian Falk (bass) and Per Hägglund (sax, keyboards). Stry left in 1984 and Gurra left the following year, but was replaced by Fred Asp (drums). In 1987 Per Hägglund left and in 1988 Imperiet disbanded.

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