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Genre: Rock

Immortal Souls Bio

Immortal Souls is a melodic death metal band from Kokkola, Finland, formed in 1991. They released a split album and their debut on Little Rose Productions in late 1990s and early 2000s. In 2002 Immortal Souls signed with Dutch label Fear Dark which released their second and third album as well as a compilation. They have performed at Tuska Open Air Metal Festival. Their musical style is characterized by their use of melodic guitar riffs and singing which shifts between growls and shouting. Their music has been called winter metal since Immortal Souls utilizes frosty metaphors in their lyrics and usually creates a cold, wintry atmosphere. The album Wintereich was released in 2007 in Europe on Dark Balance and in the USA through Facedown Records.

Immortal Souls' music is typically fast, technical melodic death metal of Scandinavian school. The lead guitar solos sets as a part of the accompaniment in both singing and virtuoso riffs and fast playing techniques. The lead guitarist Esa Särkioja usually performs "darkly melodic riffage with power metal undercurrents." The drumming is based on double bass and blast beats. The songwriting is influenced by 1980s metal and sometimes Danzig-type blues-rock. The vocals are guttural and atonal in the middle pitch. Occasionally A. Särkioja represents some raspy, black metal stylish vocals. According a Vampire Magazine interview, Immortal Souls' music is somewhat more aggressive and less commercial than the typical Gothenburg-style death metal bands, and their compositions omit the usual keyboards for the style.

The texts of Immortal Souls deal experiences and motives of the Christian faith, and the visual language is based on the Nordic winter nature and sometimes on Finnish folklore.

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