Ian Van Dahl Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

Ian Van Dahl Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Castles In The Sky
2 Try
3 Nothing Left To Say
4 Tomorrow
5 Will I (Kool De Sac remix)
6 Castles In the Sky (Extended)
7 I Will
8 Where Are You Now ? (Jan Vervloet Trance Remix)
9 Castles In the Sky (Radio Mix)
10 Castles In The Sky (Original Mix)
11 Where Are You Now? (Red Carpet Vocal Full Vocal Remix)
12 You & Me (Radio Edit)
13 Secret Love (C&V Radio Mix)
14 Where Are You Now? (Jan Vervloet Rave Remix) ((JaVervloet Rave Remix)
15 Movin’ On (radio edit)
16 Reason
17 She Gotta Stay
18 Where Are You Now? (Robert Gitelmann (G&M Project) Remix)
19 I Can’t Let You Go
20 I Can't Let You Go (Dave Mc Cullen Club mix)
21 Castles In the Sky (Album Edit)
22 I Can't Let You Go
23 After All
24 Where Are You Now ? (Dave McCullen Remix)
25 Moving On (extended mix)
26 Be Mine
27 Where Are You Now ? (M.I.K.E. Instrumental Remix)
28 Castles in the Sky (remix)
29 Secret Love
30 I Can't Let You Go (Dave McCullen Club Mix)
31 Driving in My Car (Radio Edit)
32 Tears
33 Where Are You Now? (Robert Gitelmann (G&M) Remix)
34 Secret Love (Midnight Radio Mix)
35 Where Are You Now? (Red Carpet DUB Remix)
36 Secret Love (Original Radio Mix)
37 Will I
38 Where Are You Now? (Red Carpet Vox Remix)
39 Secret Love (Midnight Extended Mix)
40 Lonely
41 Will I (Lange remix)
42 Secret Love (C&V's Extended Mix)
43 Forever
44 Will I (Dee Dee remix)
45 Where Are You Now ? (Red Carpet Vox Mix)
46 Believe
47 Will I (Hemstock & Jennings remix)
48 Where Are You Now ? (Red Carpet Dub Mix)
49 Crying
50 Will I (Coast to Coast remix)
51 Where Are You Now ? (Robert Gitelmann Remix)

Ian Van Dahl Bio

AnnaGrace (formerly known as Ian Van Dahl) is a Belgian trance group. They have seen success on dance and pop charts around the world. Among their hit songs are "Castles in the Sky," "Will I?," and "Inspiration." Their third album, and debut under the AnnaGrace alias, was released on June 17, 2010.

Ian Van Dahl began in 2000 as Christophe Chantzis, Erik Vanspauwen and Martine Theeuwen, who was referred to as Marsha. Marsha was later replaced by vocalist Annemie Coenen. Later, Peter Luts and David Vervoort (more famously known as Dave McCullen) joined the group. In 2008, the group changed its name to AnnaGrace, retaining only Annemie Coenen and Peter Luts as members.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AnnaGrace