Ian Hunter Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Ian Hunter Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Flowers
2 Once Bitten, Twice Shy
3 Overnight Angels
4 Read 'Em 'N' Weep
5 I Need Your Love
6 The Artful Dodger
7 Up And Running
8 Justice of the Peace
9 Man Overboard
10 Shallow Crystals
11 Words (Big Mouth)
12 Babylon Blues
13 Lounge Lizard
14 "3,000 Miles from Here"
15 Girl From The Office
16 Rape
17 I Get So Excited
18 Brainwashed
19 Shades Off
20 Shrunken Heads
21 Soul Of America
22 River Of Tears
23 Soap and Water
24 Power of Darkness
25 Captain Void 'n' The Video Jets
26 Still The Same
27 I Am What I Hated When I Was Young
28 When The Daylight Comes
29 Broadway
30 I Hate Dancin’
31 All American Alien Boy
32 Open my Eyes
33 23A, Swan Hill
34 Boy
35 My Revolution
36 Noises
37 Women's Intuition
38 The Outsider
39 Cleveland Rocks
40 Dead Man Walkin' (Eastenders)
41 Shades Off (Poem)
42 Death of a Nation
43 (Miss) Silver Dime
44 Words
45 No One
46 Pain
47 Just When I Needed You Most
48 Another Fine Mess
49 Your Eyes
50 Too Much
51 Every Step Of The Way
52 I Wish I Was Your Mother
53 The Great Escape
54 American Music
55 Old Records Never Die
56 Lowdown Freedom
57 Following In Your Footsteps
58 Wasted
59 Invisible Strings
60 Death 'n' Glory Boys
61 Detroit (Rough Version)
62 Arms And Legs
63 You Nearly Did Me In
64 On My Way To Georgia
65 Cool
66 Real or Imaginary
67 Now Is The Time
68 The Best Thing
69 God (Take 1)
70 Still Love Rock n Roll
71 Golden Opportunity
72 Growing Old With Rock ‘N’ Roll
73 We Gotta Get Out Of Here
74 Something To Believe In
75 Michael Picasso
76 Bastard
77 Purgatory
78 American Spy
79 Restless Youth
80 Wild East
81 Apathy 83
82 Irene Wilde
83 Good Samaritan
84 How Much More Can I Take
85 To Rule Brittania from Union Jack
86 Silver Needles
87 Scars
88 Fuss About Nothin'
89 Morons
90 Junkee Love
91 Ships
92 Irene Wilde (Take 1)
93 Life After Death
94 Wild 'N Free
95 When The World Was Round
96 Ripoff
97 Lisa Likes Rock n' Roll
98 Skeletons (In Your Closet)
99 Weary Anger
100 Sons And Daughters
101 Wash Us Away
102 Big Time
103 These Feelings
104 Fun
105 Apathy
106 Speechless
107 It Ain't Easy When You Fall
108 Listen To The Eight Track
109 Win It All
110 Theatre Of The Absurd
111 Who Do You Love
112 (God) Advice to a Friend
113 Tell It Like It Is
114 Traitor
115 The Truth, the Whole Truth, Nuthin' but the Truth
116 That Girl Is Rock 'n' Roll
117 Knees of my Heart
118 Way With Words
119 Easy Money
120 To Love a Woman
121 Beg a Little Love
122 The Loner
123 Just Another Night
124 Seeing Double
125 How's Your House
126 Gun Control
127 Rain
128 The Other Man
129 Sweet Dreamer
130 Walk On Water
131 All of the Good Ones Are Taken
132 Guiding Light
133 Standin' In My Light
134 Somethin's Goin' On
135 Silent Movie
136 Livin' in a heart
137 4th Hour of My Sleep
138 Letter To Britannia From The Union Jack
139 Sons N' Lovers
140 Resurrection Mary
141 Stretch
142 Central Park n' West
143 Red Letter Day
144 I Ain’t No Angel
145 Leave Me Alone

Ian Hunter Bio

Ian Hunter Patterson, (born 3 June 1939), is an English singer-songwriter who is best known as the lead singer of the English rock band Mott the Hoople from its inception in 1969 to its dissolution in 1974, and at the time of its 2009 reunion. Hunter was a musician and songwriter before joining Mott The Hoople, and continued in this vein after he left the band. He embarked on a solo career despite ill health and disillusionment with commercial success, and often worked in collaboration with Mick Ronson, David Bowie's sideman and arranger from the Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars period.

Mott The Hoople achieved a certain level of commercial success, and attracted a small but devoted fan base. As a solo artist, Hunter charted with lesser-known but more wide-ranging works outside of the rock mainstream. His best-known solo records are "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", later covered by Great White, and "Cleveland Rocks," a cover version of which became the theme song for the American TV series The Drew Carey Show.

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