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Ian Robins Dury (12 May 1942 – 27 March 2000) was an English rock and roll singer-songwriter, bandleader, artist, and actor who first rose to fame during the late 1970s, during the punk and new wave era of rock music. He was the lead singer of Ian Dury and the Blockheads and before that of Kilburn and the High Roads.

Dury was born in northwest London at his parents' home at 43 Weald Rise, Harrow Weald, Harrow (though he often pretended that he had been born in Upminster, Havering, and all but one of his obituaries in the UK national press stated this as fact). His father, William George Dury (born 23 September 1905, Southborough, Kent; died 25 February 1968), was a bus driver and former boxer.

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