I Monster Lyrics

Genre: Electronic

I Monster Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Checkout Luv
2 The uncertain contents of the BUCHLA box
3 Lust for a Vampyr - Scandinavian Pop Tarts Mix
4 Daydream in Blue (Monster Butty Mix)
5 Food For The Sea
6 Alan R Pearlman and the ARPiological exploration of the cosmos
7 Dear John - Single Edit
8 Lucifer You Are a Devil
9 She Sucks
10 The ballad of Harry CHAMBERLIN and the surreptitious window cleaner
11 Daydream in Blue - BBC Radio 2 Session
12 Colourspill
13 The Priest’s Tale
14 The Bradley Brothers realise the transmutation of the Chamberlin to the MELLOTRON
15 A Pod Is Waiting
16 Early Morning Robert
17 A New All Powerful Brain
18 London 1969-The Wizards of Putney deny accusations of unholy enchantment at the Electronic Music Studios (EMS)
19 Let's Swing (Bonus Track)
20 Magic Man
21 Dumb Head
22 Electronic Dream Plant (EDP)-The dirt in the ointment
23 A Sucker for Your Sound (Remixed By Toddla T and Ross Orton)
24 The Holy Man
25 A Bullet Through The Heart
26 The further adventures of K. FREEMAN and his incredible machine of a thousand strings
27 A Sucker for Your Sound (Remixed By Tim Bromhead)
28 Daydream in Blue (original mix)
29 Knock The Door Down
30 Black Cat Bamboozle
31 A Sucker for Your Sound (Remixed By Sawdust of Oak)
32 Heaven
33 A Sucker For Your Sound
34 Let's Swing (Exclusive Bonus Track)
35 A Sucker for Your Sound (Remixed By Putty Thumb)
36 Sunny Delights
37 Daydream In Blue
38 She's Giving Me The I
39 Lust for a Vampyr (Run Hide Survive Mix)
40 A Sucker for Your Sound (Remixed By Tansey's People)
41 Everyone's A Loser
42 Lust For A Vampyr
43 Lust for a Vampyr (The Prince Consort Mix)
44 Hey Mrs. (Glamour Puss mix)
45 Who Is She?
46 Dear John
47 Lust for a Vampyr (Putty Thumbs Up Mix)
48 The Backseat of My Car (Remix)
49 These Are Our Children
50 Sickly Suite Part 1: How Are You?
51 Lust for a Vampyr (Kid Faces Mix)
52 Daydream in Blue (edit for Salinas Sessions album)
53 Hey Mrs.
54 Sickly Suite Part 2: Out Of The Shadows
55 Lust for a Vampyr - Single Edit
56 I Spider
57 Daydream in Blue (The Penelopes Remix)
58 Sickly Suite Part 3: Gone
59 Lust for a Vampyr - Full Speed Fibres Mix
60 Daydream in Blue (Bashment vs. KL Dub)
61 Hey You Beautiful Land
62 The fantastic tale of Dr. MOOG and the birth of the shimmering beast
63 Lust for a Vampyr - Law of the Slider Mix
64 Daydream in Blue (Parrot & Ross' Nightmare in Pink Remix)