Hurricane Chris Song Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Hurricane Chris Bio

Chris Dooley, Jr. (born 1989) better known by his stage name Hurricane Chris, is a rapper based in Shreveport, Louisiana. After local success as an underground performer, he entered the national scene with his hit song "A Bay Bay".

Dooley attended Huntington High School in Shreveport. In 2007, Principal Jerry Davis declared September 25 as "Hurricane Chris Day". In an interview with Samantha Morgan of the Baton Rouge, Louisiana newspaper The Advocate, he stated that he came up with "Hurricane" as part of his stage name from his ability to rap fast and twist the words, "like a hurricane had just blown through". After hearing a chant of "A Bay Bay!" by local DJ Hollywood Bay Bay, Hurricane Chris modified the chant to "Bay Bay" to his hit song of the same name.


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