Huey Lewis & The News Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Huey Lewis & The News Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Let Her Go And Start Over
2 I Never Walk Alone
3 The Power Of Love
4 Blue Monday
5 Stagger Lee
6 Bad Is Bad
7 When The Time Has Come
8 Hey, Jonny
9 I Want a New Drug (Live)
10 We're Not Here For A Long Time (We're Here For A Good Time)
11 Give Me The Keys (And I'll Drive You Crazy)
12 Hearts
13 Trouble In Paradise
14 Doing It (All for My Baby)
15 I Want a New Drug
16 Forest For The Trees
17 Good Morning Little School Girl
18 If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
19 Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do
20 100 Years From Now
21 Searching For My Love
22 You Crack Me Up
23 Honky Tonk Blues
24 Shake, Rattle, And Roll
25 The Heart Of Rock & Roll
26 Feeling Alright
27 Plan B
28 Don't Make Me Do It
29 Just The One (I've Been Looking For)
30 Whatever Happened To True Love
31 Walking With The Kid
32 (She's) Some Kind Of Wonderful
33 Jacob's Ladder
34 (Happy To Be) Stuck With You
35 Stop Trying
36 Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You
37 The Only One
38 World To Me
39 Mother In Law
40 Lonely Teardrops
41 Some Of My Lies Are True
42 Now Here's You
43 Never Like This Before
44 Buzz Buzz Buzz
45 Better Be True
46 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
47 I'm not in love yet (duet with Wynonna Judd)
48 I Want You
49 Grab This Thing
50 Jacobs Ladder
51 The Rhythm Ranch
52 We're not here for a long time
53 'Til The Day After
54 Don't Ever Tell Me That You Love Me
55 Don't Fight It
56 Stuck With You
57 Build Me Up
58 She Shot A Hole In My Soul
59 I Never Think About You
60 When I write the book
61 Once Upon A Time In New York City
62 Better To Have And Not Need
63 Whole Lotta Lovin'
64 It Hit Me Like a Hammer
65 Surely (I Love You)
66 I'm Not In Love Yet
67 The Heart Of Rock And Roll
68 Little Bitty Pretty One
69 Bobo Tempo
70 Attitude
71 You Left The Water Running
72 I Ain't Perfect
73 Heart And Soul
74 Got To Get You Off My Mind
75 Who Cares?
76 Slammin'
77 Hip To Be Square
78 He Don't Know
79 Your Cash Ain't Nothing But Trash
80 My Other Woman
81 Free
82 If You Really Love Me You'll Let Me
83 Small World (Part Two)
84 I Know What I Like
85 Couple Days Off
86 Going Down Slow
87 Thank You #19
88 Respect Yourself
89 Change Of Heart
90 That's Not Me
91 Trouble In Paradise (Live)
92 Cruisin'
93 Walking on a Thin Line
94 Cry To Me
95 Tell Me A Little Lie
96 We Should Be Making Love
97 Tattoo (Giving It All Up for Love)
98 Finally Found a Home
99 Just One More Day
100 Giving It All up for Love
101 Naturally
102 Best of Me
103 It's Alright
104 But It's Alright
105 If This Is It
106 Never Found A Girl
107 Simple As That
108 "Do You Love Me, or What?"
109 So Little Kindness
110 Function At The Junction
111 Soulsville
112 Workin' For A Livin'
113 Small World (Part One)
114 Don't Look Back
115 Til The Day After
116 Back In Time
117 Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash
118 Little Sally Walker
119 Do You Believe in Love
120 Old Antone's
121 Time Ain't Money
122 Dr Surd's Rocket
123 Some Of My Lies Are True (Sooner Or Later)
124 I Want To (Do Everything For You)
125 Is It Me
126 Perfect World