Howie Day Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Howie Day Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Collide
2 So Stung
3 Perfect Time of Day
4 No Longer What You Require
5 Stay This Way
6 40 Hours
7 She Says
8 Sound The Alarm
9 Cease Fire
10 Trouble In Here
11 Weightless
12 Longest Night
13 Help
14 You & a Promise
15 Undressed
16 Sail Away
17 Counting On Me
18 Standing In the Sun
19 Sunday Morning Song
20 This Time Around
21 End of Our Days
22 Don't Dream It's Over
23 Be There
24 Everyone Loves To Love A Lie
25 Don't Dream Its Over (Live in Salt Lake City)
26 Madrigals
27 Damaged
28 Numbness for Sound (Live in Norfolk)
29 Postcard From Mars
30 Sweet
31 So Much Love
32 Sunday Morning Song (Live in Salt Lake City)
33 Lick My Lips
34 Favorite Song
35 Brace Yourself (Live in Nyc)
36 Brace Yourself
37 Song 11
38 Life-Sized
39 Collide (Live in Las Vegas)
40 Track 11
41 Make Peace
42 Trouble in Here (Live in Boston)
43 Disco
44 Love Is Never Lost
45 Don't Dream It's Over - Live in Salt Lake City
46 Everything Else
47 Treetops
48 She Says (2005 Re-Record)
49 Kristina
50 Ghost
51 Medicine Ball
52 This Time Around (Chris Lord-Alge Mix)
53 Buzzing
54 Lanterns
55 Brace Yourself (Acoustic Version)
56 Ghost (Mix6)
57 Ghost Of You
58 Worry
59 Collide (Acoustic Version)
60 Collide (Live at State Theater)
61 Slow Down
62 Anyone
63 She Says (Chris Lord-Alge Long Mix)
64 She Says (Re-Recorded)
65 Secret
66 Harley
67 Collide (Original)
68 Ceasefire
69 Torches
70 She Says (Chris Lord-Alge Mix)
71 Oxygen
72 I Saw Everything
73 I'll Take You On
74 Falling In Love
75 No One Else to Blame
76 Brace Yourself - Live in New York City
77 I’ll Take You On
78 Come Lay Down
79 In The Sun
80 Isn't It Obvious
81 Ghost (Live in Boston)

Howie Day Bio

Howard Kern "Howie" Day (born January 15, 1981) is an American singer-songwriter. Beginning his career as a solo artist in the late 1990s, Day became known for his extensive touring and in-concert use of samplers and effects pedals in order to accompany himself. He self-financed and self-released his first album, Australia, in 2000.

Day eventually signed a recording contract with major label Epic Records- in 2002 and has since re-released his debut as well as producing a follow up, Stop All The World Now. Despite initially sluggish sales, Stop All The World Now was certified gold in early 2005  and has produced a number of singles, including the hits "She Says" and "Collide", Day's most successful to date. The track became Epic Records’ first platinum single, eventually selling 1.5 million downloads.

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