Hot Hot Heat Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Hot Hot Heat Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Let Me In
2 Harmonicas & Tambourines
3 Goodnight Goodnight
4 You Owe Me An IOU
5 So So Cold
6 Get in or Get Out
8 Matador At The Door
9 Comeback of the Century
10 Times A Thousand
11 Tourist In Your Own Town
12 Sad Sad Situation
13 Jedidiah
14 You're Ruining It For Everyone
15 The Memory’s Here
16 Middle of Nowhere
17 Buzinezz Az Uzual
18 Haircut Economics
19 Magnitude
20 Save This!
21 What Is Rational?
22 Le Le Low
23 Mayor of the City
24 Happiness Ltd.
25 Nobody's Accusing You (Of Having A Good Time)
26 In Cairo
27 Kid Who Stays in the Picture
28 No Applause Allowed
29 Elevator
30 Christmas Day In the Sun (Non-Album Track)
31 5 Times out of 100
32 [email protected]
33 Aveda
34 Goddess on the Prarie
35 Implosionatic
36 No Jokes - Fact
37 Who You Calling Kid
38 No, Not Now
39 Outta Heart
40 Goddess On The Prairie
41 Soldier In a Box
42 Give Up? [Acoustic]
43 Keep My Name Out Of Your Mouth
44 My Best Fiend
45 Conversation
46 Zero Results
47 Case That They Gave Me
48 Let Me In [Rhapsody Originals]
49 Word To Water
50 Give Up?
51 Yvr
52 Christmas Day In The Sun
53 Bandages [Rhapsody Originals]
54 The Case That They Gave Me
55 Good Day to Die
56 I Blew A Fuse In My Personality
57 Modern Mind
58 Pickin’ It Up
59 Paco Pena
60 Tokyo Vogue
61 Pulling Levers
62 Touch You Touch You
63 Circus Maximus
64 Waiting for Nothing
65 Fashion Fight Pause
66 Bobby Joan Sex Tape
67 Pickin’ It Up (demo)
68 Future Breeds
69 Spelling Live Backwards
70 Alaskan Midnight Sun
71 Oh, Godamnit

Hot Hot Heat Bio

Hot Hot Heat is a Canadian indie rock band from Victoria, British Columbia, formed in 1999. The band was signed by Seattle label Sub Pop in 2001 and released its first EP, Knock Knock Knock, and first full-length album, Make Up the Breakdown, the following year. The band has released three albums since, the most recent being Future Breeds in 2010. Its style makes use of electronic and traditional instruments and has variously been categorized as dance-punk, post-punk revivalism, new wave, and art-punk.

Dustin Hawthorne, a drugstore clerk, and Steve Bays, a personal assistant, had been in many different bands together since 1995 and met Hawley in 1998. In 1999, Hawley bought a Juno 6 keyboard and asked Bays to try playing it, as no one else knew how. Hawley took over the drums from Bays and Hawthorne played bass. Matthew Marnik, who was a friend of the band, sang vocals. The band's original sound can be considered synthpunk.

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