High School Musical Lyrics

Genre: Pop

High School Musical Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Gotta Go My Own Way
2 Start Of Something New
3 Bop To The Top
4 Breaking Free
5 All For One
6 I Don't Dance
7 i cant take my eyes off of you
8 A Night To Remember
9 Right Here, Right Now
10 Fabulous
11 Siempre Juntos
12 Gotta Go My Own Way (Jason Nevins Remix)
13 High School Musical 3 Megamix
14 Senior Year Spring Musical
15 You Are the Music in Me (Jason Nevins Remix)
16 You Are the Music in Me (Sharpay Version)
17 Bet On It
18 Superstar
19 Work This Out (Jason Nevins Remix)
20 High School Musical
21 Actuar, Bailar, Cantar
22 Everyday (Jason Nevins Remix)
23 A Buscar El Sol
24 All for One (Jason Nevins Remix)
25 Track 4 (High School Musical 2)
26 Ya Es Hora De Brillar
27 You Are the Music in Me (Sharpay Version) [Jason Nevins Remix]
28 Just Getting Started
29 El Verano Termino
31 Mejor Hacerlo Todos Juntos
32 The Megamix
33 Hoy Todo Es Mejor
34 Get'cha Head In the Game
35 Walk Away
36 Stick To The Status Quo
37 What I've Been Looking For (Reprise)
38 Can I Have This Dance?
39 Give Me It!
40 Get'cha Head In the Game (Pop Version)
41 Just Wanna Be With You
42 What I've Been Looking for
43 Start of Something New (Karaoke Instrumental)
44 Scream
45 Track 1 (High School Musical)
46 We're All in This Together (Graduation Mix)
47 when there was me and you
48 The Boys Are Back
49 Track 2 (High School Musical 2)
50 Just Wanna Be with You (Reprise)
51 Doo Up
52 Track 5 (High School Musical 2)
53 Now or Never (Remix)
54 Yo Sabia
55 I Don't Dance (Jason Nevins Remix)
56 The Boys Are Back (Remix)