Heavenly Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Heavenly Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Fullmoon
2 Ode To Joy
3 Ashen Paradise
4 The Face Of The Truth
5 Save Our Souls
6 Itchy Chin
7 She And Me
8 Lost In Your Eyes
9 Farewell
10 Words Of Change
11 Spill Blood on Fire
12 Boyfriend Stays the Same
13 Cool Guitar Boy
14 My Turn Will Come
15 Virus
16 Wish Me Gone
17 Pet Monkey
18 Evil
19 The Power and Fury
20 Don't Be Fooled
21 Different Day
22 Still Believe
23 Fight For Deliverance
24 Wasted Time
25 Stop Before You Say It
26 Snail Trail
27 Until The End
28 Keepers Of The Earth
29 Bravery in the Field
30 So?
31 Trophy Girlfriend
32 Me And My Madness
33 ...Dust To Dust
34 It's You
35 Liberty
36 Ben Sherman
37 Illusion, Pt. 1
38 Modestic
39 Until I Die
40 Sacramento
41 When the Rain Begins to Fall
42 Tool
43 Illusion, Pt. 2 (The Call of the Wild)
44 And the Birds Aren’t Singing
45 The Angel
46 Three Star Compartment
47 The Prince of the World
48 So Little Deserve
49 I’m Not Scared of You
50 Skipjack
51 Condemned To Die
52 Space Manatee
53 Fat Lenny
54 Sort of Mine
55 And the Birds Aren't Singing
56 Sperm Meets Egg, So What?
57 Number One
58 Lust for Life
59 K-Klass Kisschase
60 Orange Corduroy Dress
61 I'm Not Scared of You
62 Carpe Diem
63 The Sandman
64 Atta Girl
65 Hearts and Crosses
66 C Is the Heavenly Option
67 Miracle
68 Time Machine
69 Destiny
70 Smile
71 Starshy
72 Carry Your Heart
73 P.U.N.K. Girl
74 Lemonhead Boy
75 Mark Angel
76 Million Ways
77 Dig Your Own Grave
78 Hearts & Crosses
79 By the Way
80 A Better Me
81 The World Will Be Better
82 The Face of Truth
83 Wrap My Arms Around Him
84 Cut Off
85 Ashes To Ashes
86 The Dark Memories
87 Our Love Is Heavenly
88 Shallow

Heavenly Bio

Heavenly, a power metal/neo-classical metal band from Paris, France, were formed in 1994 by vocalist Benjamin Sotto  and drummer Max Pilo. They were originally a cover band and played under the name of 'Satan's Lawyer' before evolving into a fully-fledged Helloween-influenced power metal  outfit, and releasing a three track demo with new guitarist Anthony Parker. However, Parker's time with the band was to be short lived, leaving before a record deal with Noise Records was clinched. Undeterred, Heavenly found a replacement in Chris Savourey and completed their lineup with bassist Laurent Jean.

In 2000, Heavenly released their debut album 'Coming From the Sky.' Although it was largely shunned by the media, the album proved a hit with metal fans and its success helped Heavenly land an appearance at the French Hard Rock Festival.

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