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1 Letter to the Editor
2 The New Old F*****g Idiot
3 Fraud, History and Market Economies
4 The A**l Cavity Is Coming Up Roses
5 Day One
6 Penal Abortion
7 Racial Warrior
8 The Pastor's Cock Is In My Mouth (Hooray!)
9 Inanimate Consuming Animate
10 Writers and Actors
11 (Your Name Here) Eats F*****g Lead (Columbine Snowball Remix)
12 Breathing Futility
13 Execution, Police Style
14 We Love E. Coli
15 Talk About the Passion
16 Colonial Syndrome
17 Jubilee
18 Excerpts
19 Ordination
20 Hole In the Head
21 Cataract
22 Writers and Actors (Live at the Albert)
23 Apparatus
24 Mechanical Separation
25 I S**t God
26 Nails Hammered Into a Coffin (Live at the Albert)
27 Dead Children, He Laughed
28 Intent, Action, Effect
29 You Never Learned to Dream
30 Execution, Police Style (Live at the Albert)
31 Dear Penthouse Letters
32 Cancer of the Side of the Face
33 Mitaquay Owaysin Demo
34 The Practical Impossibility of Denying Emotion (Live at the Albert)
35 Disgrace Land
36 You Came Searching
37 Cornered Rat (Heresy Cover)
38 Beacon to the World
39 F*****g Stinking Pile of S**t
40 Bottom Lining
41 Lowlife (Crossed Out Cover)
42 Capsize In Unison
43 Nature's Expression
44 Neo-Nazi Public Execution
45 Neo-Nazi Public Execution (Live on UMFM)
46 S**t the Bed
47 The Practical Impossibility of Denying Emotion
48 Forcible Confinement
49 I S**t God (Live at The Albert)
50 No Longer Among Us
51 Of This Divide
52 Bent Until Broken
53 Cataract (Live At Some S******e)
54 Dependence
55 Stabbed At 6, News At 11
56 Status Quo

Head Hits Concrete Bio

Political grindcore band that formed in April 1999 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Between 1999 and 2004 the band recorded a cassette demo, 3 EPs and split records with My Minds Mine and Bodies Lay Broken. Head Hits Concrete went on extended hiatus in 2004, but reformed for a show with Brutal Truth in 2010. The band has toured briefly since that date, and is currently writing new material towards a split LP with Mudlark for a release in 2011.