He Is Legend Lyrics

Genre: Rock

He Is Legend Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Serpent Sickness
2 Attack of the Dungeon Witch
3 Wounded
4 Shoot A Fireball At It
5 China White II
6 Dicephalous
7 The Pot Bellied Goddess
8 Dinner With A Gypsy
9 Robotica
10 Electronic Throat
11 Suck Out the Poison
12 Something Witchy
13 Party Time
14 The Red Button
15 Stranger Danger
16 Stampede
17 Miserable Company
18 Mean Shadows
19 Maybe The Butler Did It
20 Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
21 Fancy
22 I Sleep Just Fine
23 China White
24 The Greatest Actor Alive...
25 Future's Bright Man
26 Modus Operandi
27 Beethozart
28 Do You Think I'm Pretty
29 Opening
30 The Primarily Blues
31 You Sound Like a White Boy
32 Spout Mouth
33 The Creature Walks
34 Goldie's Torn Locks
35 Cape Fear
36 That's Nasty
37 Martini
38 Be Easy
39 Eating A Book
40 Act 2, Scene 1: The Greatest Actor Alive... (Enters Stage Right)
41 Everyone I Know Has Fangs
42 The Fool
43 Time to Stain
44 ...Best In Mexico
45 Act 2, Scene 2: China White (End Scene)
46 Party Time!
47 Scram Toots
49 The Walls Have Teeth
50 Act 4, Scene 1: Do You Think I'm Pretty?
51 Suave
52 I Am Hollywood
53 No Visitors
54 Way Of Sorrows
55 Act 1, Scene 3: The Creature Walks (End Scene)
56 Don't Touch That Dial
57 The Seduction
58 This Will Never Work
59 Spirals
60 Mean Shadow
61 China White III
62 Either They Decorated for Christmas Early or They're Dead
63 Smoker Scoff
64 Aphex Medium
65 (((Louds
66 Cult of She
67 Finale: I Am Hollywood (Fin)
68 The Carpet
69 No. 4 With A Smile
70 The Widow of Magnolia
71 Mushroom River
72 Down in a Crypt
73 Heavy Fruit
74 High Tops And School Books
75 Dixie Wolf (The Seduction Of...)
76 Goldies Torn Locks
77 Hip Hop: Anonymus
78 Something, Something, Something Witchy
79 Martyr

He Is Legend Bio

He Is Legend is a rock band that was formed in Wilmington, North Carolina who signed to Tragic Hero Records in 2009. The band consists of vocalist front man Schuylar Croom, guitarists Adam Tanbouz and Denis Desloge, drummer Sam Huff, bassist Matt Williams.

The band's roots reach back into the late 1990s when Adam Tanbouz, Steven Bache, Matt Williams, guitarist McKenzie Bell, and vocalist Schuylar Croom began writing and performing around Wilmington, NC while still in high school. In 2003, having previously played under the names of Stronghold, No One Wins, and The Uriah Omen, the name He Is Legend was adopted by members Tanbouz, Bache, Bell, Croom, and Williams.

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