Hawksley Workman Lyrics

Genre: Musical

Hawksley Workman Lyrics - by Popularity

1 It's A Drug
2 Is This What You Call Love?
3 Girls On Crutches
4 The City Is A Drag
5 Addicted
6 Striptease
7 When You Gonna Flower?
8 Oh You Delicate Heart
9 Piano Blink
10 What Would You Say To Me, Lord?
11 They Decided Not To Like Us (Epilogue)
12 Not Over You
13 Song For Sarah Jane
14 A Moth Is Not A Butterfly
15 The Dress Makes The Man
16 We’re Not Broken Yet
17 A House Or Maybe A Boat
18 Chocolate Mouth
19 You Are Too Beautiful
20 Up, Up, Up He Goes
21 I Just So Happen to Believe
22 The Ground We Stand On
23 Kissing Girls (You Shouldn't Kiss)
24 Animal Behaviour
25 Even An Ugly Man
26 Wild Abandon
27 It’s Really Starting to Snow
28 Who Do They Kiss
29 Hey Hey Hey (My Little Beauties)
30 Can You Believe
31 Small Town Dracula
32 In My Blood
33 Google Jesus
34 You And The Candles
35 If Your Prayer
36 Winter Bird
37 All The Trees Are Hers
38 Lonely People
39 Devastating
40 It's A Long Life To Always Be Longing
41 Danger Songs
42 A Special Pride
43 Alone Here (Ballad Of Bunches Of Things)
44 In The Bedroom In The Daytime
45 We Dance To Yesterday
46 Claire Fontaine
47 Remember Our Wars
48 It's Not Me
49 Fatty Wants To Dance
50 Robot Heart
51 Learn How To Knit
52 Glory Glory Hallelujah
53 No Stillness And No Rain
54 French Girl In LA
55 Suicidekick
56 First Snow Of The Year
57 Ukelady Boy
58 Baby Mosquito
59 Stay Drunk And Keep Fucking
60 Merry Christmas (I Love You)
61 Common Cold
62 Invocation (You Know What It Is, Come To The Mountain)
63 You Don't Just Want To Break Me (You Want To Tear Me Apart)
64 Snow Angel
65 Three Generations
66 Intro (That’s Hot)
67 Pomegranate Daffodil
68 And the Government Will Protect the Mighty
69 Some People
70 Almost A Full Moon (Let's Make Some Soup)
71 Make Up Your Mind Tonight
72 Prettier Face
73 Depress My Hangover Sunday
74 Wayside
75 This Will Be The Year
76 Teenage Cats
77 September Lily
78 (The Happiest Day I Know Is A) Tokyo Bicycle
79 We'll Make Time (Even When There Ain't No Time)
80 Coldest Night Of The Year
81 1000 Miles of Atmosphere
82 (We Ain't No) Vampire Bats
83 Not Your Parents' Music
84 He’s Mine
85 Don’t Take Yourself Away (Instant Nostalgia)
86 Warhol's Portrait Of Gretzky
87 Smoke Baby

Hawksley Workman Bio

Ryan Matthew Corrigan (born March 4, 1975), better known by the stage name Hawksley Workman, is a Canadian rock singer-songwriter who has garnered critical acclaim for his blend of cabaret pop and glam rock. Workman has released eleven full length albums throughout his career. He is a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, drums, bass, keyboards and singing on his records and often switching between those instruments when playing live.

Workman is a prolific artist, usually writing, recording, mastering and releasing entire albums in the span of a few weeks.