Half Man Half Biscuit Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Half Man Half Biscuit Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Evening Of Swing (Has Been Cancelled)
2 Lord Hereford's Knob
3 King Of Hi-Vis
4 Took Problem Chimp To Ideal Home Show
5 Ode To Joyce
6 Petty Sessions
7 Paintball's Coming Home
8 Even Men With Steel Hearts
9 Tyrolean Knockabout
10 This Leaden Pall
11 Descent Of The Stiperstones
12 Third Track Main Camera Four Minutes
13 A Shropshire Lad
14 Visitor For Mr. Edmonds
15 Moody Chops
16 £24.99 From Argos
17 Breaking News
18 Turned Up Clocked On Laid Off
19 Left Lyrics In The Practice Room
20 Nove On The Sly
21 Mathematically Safe
22 Four Skinny Indie Kids
23 Yipps (My Baby Got The)
24 Turn A Blind Eye
25 Fear My Wraith
26 27 Yards Of Dental Floss
27 Improv Workshop Mimeshow Gobshite
28 L'Enfer C'Est Les Autres
29 Ballad Of Climie Fisher
30 Bad Losers On Yahoo Chess
31 M-6-ster
32 Hedley Verityesque
33 Split Single With Happy Lounge Labelmates
34 The Light At The End Of The Tunnel (is The Light Of An Oncoming Train)
35 Paradise Lost (You're The Reason Why)
36 13 Eurogoths Floating In The Dead Sea
37 Fix It So She Dreams Of Me
38 Gubba Look-a-Likes
39 Styx Gig (Seen By My Mates Coming Out Of A)
40 A Lilac Harry Quinn
41 A Country Practice
42 When The Evening Sun Goes Down
43 Thy Damnation Slumbereth Not
44 Whit Week Malarkey
45 The Coroner's Footnote
46 Girlfriend's Finished With Him
47 Bad Review
48 Eno Collaboration (Remix)
49 Secret Gig
50 San Antonio Foam Party
51 Stavanger Töestub
52 Doreen
53 Rock And Roll Is Full Of Bad Wools
54 Everything's A.O.R.
55 Blue Badge Abuser
56 Dead Men Don't Need Season Tickets
57 Outbreak Of Vitas Gerulaitis
58 Soft Verges
59 Them's The Vagaries
60 Joy Division Oven Gloves
61 Quality Janitor
62 99% Of Gargoyles Look Like Bob Todd
63 Children Of Apocalyptic Techstep
64 Totnes Bickering Abuser
65 Deep House Victims Minibus Appeal
66 Prag Vec At The Melkweg
67 Multitude
68 If I Had Possession Over Pancake Day
69 Mate Of The Bloke
70 Floreat Inertia
71 Time Flies By (When You're The Driver Of A Train)
72 You're Hard
73 C.A.M.R.A. Man
74 Christian Rock Concert
75 Ready Steady Goa
76 Something's Rotten In The Back Of Iceland
77 Asparagus Next Left
78 With Goth On Our Side
79 The Len Ganley Stance
80 On Reaching The Wensum
81 P.R.S. Yearbook - Quick The Drawbridge
82 Friday Night And The Gates Are Low
83 Keeping Two Chevrons Apart
84 Rsvp
85 Depressed Beyond Tablets
86 Used To Be In Evil Gazebo
87 Venus In Flares
88 Our Tune
89 On The 'Roids
90 Tonight Matthew I'm Going To Be With Jesus
91 I, Trog
92 Bottleneck At Capel Curig
93 Tommy Walsh's Eco House
94 Bogus Official
95 It's Clichéd To Be Cynical At Christmas
96 I Love You Because (You Look Like Jim Reeves)
97 Restless Legs
98 Song Of Encouragement For The Orme Ascent
99 Tour Jacket With Detachable Sleeves
100 Emerging From Gorse
101 Joy In Leeuwarden (We Are Ready)
102 Letters Sent
103 4AD3DCD
104 Reflections In A Flat
105 Corgi Registered Friends
106 Little In The Way Of Sunshine
107 Monmore, Hares Running
108 Sensitive Outsider
109 Look Dad No Tunes
110 Malayan Jelutong
111 Twydale's Lament
112 Running Order Squabble Fest
113 Sealclubbing
114 For What Is Chatteris..
115 Give Us Bubblewrap
116 ITMA
117 Fretwork Homework
118 Twenty Four Hour Garage People
119 Numanoid Hang-glide
120 We Built This Village On A Trad. Arr. Tune
121 Whiteness Thy Name Is Meltonian
122 Fuckin' 'Ell It's Fred Titmus
123 Shit Arm, Bad Tattoo
124 National Shite Day
125 He Who Would Valium Take
126 Faithlift
127 The Referee's Alphabet
128 Footprints
129 Excavating Rita
130 Irk The Purists
131 God Gave Us Life
132 Surging Out Of Convalescence
133 Let's Not
134 See That My Bike's Kept Clean
135 Song For Europe
136 She's In Broadstairs
137 Sponsoring The Moshpits
138 Fun Day In The Park
139 Uffington Wassail
140 Upon Westminster Bridge
141 Slight Reprise

Half Man Half Biscuit Bio

Half Man Half Biscuit, often "HMHB", is a UK rock band from Birkenhead, Merseyside, active since the mid-1980s, known for satirical, sardonic, and sometimes surreal songs. The group is Nigel Blackwell (lead vocals, guitar), Neil Crossley (bass), Ken Hancock (lead guitar), and Carl Henry (drums). Throughout their career they have been signed to Probe Plus records.

The band was formed in 1984 by Nigel Blackwell (vocals, guitar), his brother Simon (guitar), Neil Crossley (bass, vocals), David Lloyd (keyboards), and Paul Wright (drums). Simon Blackwell and Wright had previously been members of the band Attempted Moustache. Their debut album, 1985's Back in the DHSS topped the UK Indie Chart and reached number 60 in the UK Album Chart. The band's first single, "The Trumpton Riots", topped the British independent chart in 1986, and they went on to perform at Glastonbury Festival. They were post-punk, similar to Josef K or The Fall. The second single, "Dickie Davies Eyes", also topped the indie chart.

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