Half-Handed Cloud Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Half-Handed Cloud Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Running Late For Bed
2 Bees Baked A Loaf For Me (Or Flour From Flowers?)
3 You Get A Horseshoe!
4 Sewing Wind To Fabric
5 Hey Advocate
6 Hydrological Cycle
7 We Are Not Orphaned
8 Worlds In Speech, Now In Reach!
9 He’s Already On Everyone’s Side
10 Those Who Are Saved Say, "I'm Lost"
11 Skip The Rope
12 That You May Be Gracious
13 Finding
14 I Got A-Rested
15 Clothe Yourself Within Us
16 These Crowns We Wear
17 Fresh & Bitter From The Same Spring
18 Serpent Head Crushed
19 You'll Sea
20 Psychic Failure, Utmost Patience
21 Pup-Tent Noah
22 Pressing Into It
23 Look How We Made These People
24 Oily
25 Work Isn't What It Seemed To Be
26 You Call Yourself Our Shepherd (Reprise)
27 You Wouldn't Embarrass Me, Would You?
28 Sonar Sends Bells To And Fro
29 Earth Outside Of Gost Will Only Be Quicksand
30 Lunar Tears, Timed By Tides
31 Enlightenment in the Way
32 We're Very Greatly Loved
33 In Holy Pursuit
34 The Shepherd's Reach
35 Eating Bad-Bad Fruit
36 Ploughmen
37 Sailing The Veil-Boat
38 Divers Divers
39 The Famine's Hard
40 Out On The Ice, We Face Our Hearts
41 Beachcomber's Ultralight
42 Set Your Beams
43 Even if Angels Arrive With Plausible News
44 Rainbow=Warbow
45 Always Running Away
46 Baby Moon
47 Buffet
48 Three To Guide Us Where We've Never Been, Pt. 1
49 To Fill
50 To Love Like The Father And Son Love Each Other
51 I'm Over The Need To Bail
52 Liberty Bell
53 Concentric Groups Of Mirrored Loops
54 Festus, I Am Not Out of My Mind
55 Jael Peg Caper
56 All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray
57 If Before We Were Coughing
58 Pause
59 Three To Guide Us Where We've Never Been, Pt. 2
60 Loathed
61 A Picnic Few Want To Attend
62 Look, The Clouds Have Got You Again!
63 Splashdowns Hold The Hymnal Together
64 Worry-In The Waves
65 He Can’t Deny Himself
66 Feed Your Sheep A Burning Lamp
67 Good-Good Path
68 Hope For Clean Theme
69 When Overwhelmed With Dread
70 Three To Guide Us Where We've Never Been, Pt .3
71 Couple Kings Close The Road On A Giant, Pt. 1
72 A Tree Replanted Back In Eden
73 Command The Wind & Water Inside Me
74 Cut-Down
75 Even The Sparrow'd Be Arrowed
76 We Speak of What We Know
77 We Must Be Ploughed-Up
78 Foot On The Brake
79 What Great Things...!
80 Stew Burny-Burn
81 Missing
82 Body Binds Us
83 Pre-Teen Apocalyptic Film Acting (Why? Medley)
84 Place Your Wind Against My Sails
85 Brooks Embracing Burdens
86 Got-It
87 Rise To The Heavens On Evaporation
88 Live As the Children of Light Inside of You
89 Can't Even Breathe On My Own Two Feet
90 Leaving The Ninety-Nine
91 Don't Want To Be Dirty
92 Winding
93 Secret Christ Costume
94 Ode To Team Pinecone
95 We Don't Know How It Grows
96 Resting In The Current
97 Ten Commandment Tombstone
98 Quail
99 Secret Wisdom Intervening
100 Eyes Peeled
101 You Call Yourself Our Shepherd
102 Make Us Clean
103 Who Brought These Up?
104 Tuck Us In, Father
105 The * That Moved - Around The Night
106 Let's Go Javelin'
107 Maritime Rites
108 He's Not The Swindler We Are
109 So-So Sorry Teacher
110 Tablets Breathing Their Last Breath
111 Now the Veiled Faces Can Breathe
112 Praise Awaits You
113 It's Better To Follow The Shepherd
114 Put A New Life In Me
115 Isaiah 49
116 Our First Full Day Was Spent In Rest
117 Plant A Little Fir Tree
118 Drowning Chariot
119 Guy With Driftwood Skin
120 Pneumatic Mystery Envelopes
121 You've Been Faithful To Us Clouds
122 Flying Scroll Flight Patrol
123 Celebrating Hearts Aligned
124 Cot-Roof
125 Tanning Beds To Shine Your Love
126 Never In Labor!
127 A Bed That Breathes With Him
128 Home For Christmas
129 Let's Build A Planet
130 Source Of The Watercourse
131 Sensei Says
132 Ezekiel Bread
133 Animals Are Cut In Two
134 Was He Really Doubting?
135 Holy Pouch Shoe Guidance
136 We're Not Getting Well
137 A Suit Of Clouds To Ride The Skies
138 Intro Jars
139 Everyone Did What Was Right In Their Own Eyes
140 Armstrong's Line
141 What Spins, By Your Hand Was Spun
142 In You Now, But Still Below
143 Rewire My Desire
144 Couple Kings Close The Road On A Giant, Pt. 2-4
145 Make Me All Petered-Out
146 Took Your Tablets
147 Thumb/Toe Collection
148 The Sea Has No Face
149 So Busted Before Your Righteous Throne
150 Mud...
151 Debtors To Greeks & Barbarians
152 Baldy Knees
153 Samuel Sleeps Where The Ark Lays
154 Once, Twice, Seven Times A Werewolf
155 How Is A Water-Walker Like A Cleft-Stasher?
156 I Got A Letter
157 I'm The Blinder
158 You Flagged Us Down With A Wave
159 Flea Market Temple
160 Out Of Crudeness/ Healing
161 Titus Three
162 Grandfather Foreskin
163 Dear John
164 Bees Are Trying To Build Their Nest In You
165 Tongues That Possess The Earth Instead
166 Here's A List
167 They're Bad, But We're Worse
168 Chins
169 There Remains A Rest
170 Disaster Will Come Upon You & You Will Not Know How To Conjure-It Away
171 We Toil and Struggle
172 Considered It A Loan

Half-Handed Cloud Bio

A band from Berkeley, California. It was started as a one man band by John Ringhofer, who created the band name based on an occurrence in the Old Testament. Half-handed Cloud is under Asthmatic Kitty Records. His previous band was Wookieback with Matthew Vollmer and Brandon Buckner. Ringhofer, a vegetarian, lives rent free in return for his custodial services at a church in Berkeley, CA. John Ringhofer has collaborated with Sufjan Stevens on his What's The Remedy? 7-inch, among other works such as Thy Is A Word And Feet Need Lamps. Daniel Smith of Danielson and Sounds Familyre is credited for helping to establish Half-handed Cloud's early days, and has been a frequent collaborator with John Ringhofer.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Half-handed_Cloud