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Genre: Dance

Haddaway Lyrics - by Popularity

1 What Is Love
2 Rock My Heart
3 Tell Me Where It Hurts
4 Life (Everybody Needs Somebody to Love)
5 Breakaway
6 Catch A Fire
7 Give It Up
8 You’re Taking My Heart (original radio edit)
9 Bring Back My Memories
10 Fly Away (Side By Side Mix)
11 What Is Love (Pump Mix '99)
12 Mama’s House
13 What Is Love 2K9 (Cansis Remix)
14 I Know
15 Freedom Is
16 Life (Bass Bumpers Remix)
17 You're Taking My Heart (Gordon's Golden Extended Dance)
18 When The Feelings Gone
19 What Is Love (Tod Terry's TNT Radio Edit '99)
20 Life
21 Desert Prayer
22 Fly Away (Extended Version)
23 Catch a Fire (Tinman's Nemesis Dub)
24 What Is Love (original mix)
25 What Is Love ("Saturday Night live" version)
26 Up and Up
27 Fly Away (Hyper Space Mix)
28 Catch a Fire (House mix)
29 What Is Love (Project 46 Remix)
30 What Is Love (Eat This mix)
31 Waiting For A Better World
32 What Is Love (Edit)
33 Fly Away (Maxi-Flight-Remix)
34 Life (Re-Mix)
35 What Is Love (DJ Jim (RU) Remix)
36 What Is Love (Tour de Trance mix)
37 What Is Love? - 1999 Remastered Version
38 Fly Away (Development Corporation Mix)
39 Lover By the Name
40 What Is Love (Reloaded Mix)
41 What Is Love 2K9 (Klaas Radio Edit)
42 Shout
43 Lover Be Thy Name
44 You're Taking My Heart (Radio Edit)
45 Who Do You Love (Full Power Club Mix)
46 Life (Remix)
47 Come Back (Love Has Got A Hold On You)
48 What Is Love (Reloaded) [Radio Edit]
49 Come Back (Love Has Got A Hold On Me)
50 What Is Love (Todd Terry's Tnt Radio Edit)
51 Who Do You Love (Dance-Force-Remix)
52 What Is Love? (1999 Digital Remaster)
53 What Is Love (Rapiano-Brothers-Mix)
54 Life (A Re-Mix)
55 Life (Remix) (Radio Edit)
56 Who Do You Love (Who Do You Dub Mix)
57 What Is Love (2003 edit)
58 What About Me (Radio Edit)
59 What Is Love (Rapiono-Brothers-Mix)
60 I Miss You (Radio Edit)
61 What Is Love -TNT's Alt.Radio Edit'99
62 Catch a Fire (The Soapy 12" Mix)
63 What Is Love (DJ Jim (RU) Remix Edit)
64 You're Taking My Heart (Gordon's Golden Extended Dance Mix)
65 What Is Love (Refreshmento Extra Radio Mix)
66 Who Do You Love (missing radio edit)
67 What Is Love >Reloaded< (Jens O.'s Hard Remix)
68 Fly Away (Overworld Dub Mix)
69 Catch a Fire (Extended House Mix)
70 What Is Love (Lynx & Pico Remix)
71 What Is Love? (Remastered)
72 What Is Love - Mosquito Headz Millen.
73 Another Day Without You
74 What Is Love (The Re-Freshmento Extro Mix)
75 Catch a Fire (Tinman Desert Storm Mix)
76 When the Feeling's Gone
77 What Is Love 2K9 (Klaas Clubmix)
78 Life (Club Life)
79 Love Makes
80 What Is Love (Eat-This mix - radio edit)
81 Catch a Fire (Extended Version)
82 Baby Don't Go
83 What Is Love 2K9 (Bodybangers Remix Edit)
84 What Is Love (Refreshmento Extro mix edit)
85 Mr. President
86 What Is Love (Refreshmento Extro mix)
87 Catch a Fire (Tinmans Nemesis Dub)
88 What Is Love (Rapino Brothers mix)
89 What Is Love 2K9 (Bodybangers Remix)
90 What Is Love (7" mix)
91 What About Me?
92 Fly Away (Tinman's Mile High Mix)
93 What About Me (Extended Version)
94 Mama's House
95 What Is Love 2K9 (Spinnin Elements Remix)
96 Fly Away
97 You're Taking My Heart (Original Radio Edit)
98 The First Cut Is The Deepest
99 Fly Away (Sequential One Club House Remix)
100 What Is Love (Tod Terry's TNT Radio Edit)
101 Baby Don’t Go
102 What Is Love 2K9 (Cansis Remix Edit)

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Haddaway Bio

Nestor Alexander Haddaway (born January 9, 1965, better known by his stage name Haddaway, is a Trinidadian-German singer. He is most famous for his worldwide 1993 hit, "What Is Love".

The son of a Dutch oceanographer and a Trinidadian nurse, Haddaway moved from Trinidad to Europe in the early 1970s with his father when his parents separated. After spending his formative years at boarding school, he moved to the United States to be with his mother.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haddaway