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Genre: Pop

Gwen Stefani Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Gwen Stefani - Luxurious
2 Bubble Pop Electric feat. Johnny Vulture
3 The Sweet Escape (Konvict Remix)
4 Almost Blue
5 Brand New Days
6 Shit (Bananas)
7 Now That You Got It (Main Mix aka Remix)
8 Ex Girlfriend
9 Cool (Richard X dub mix)
10 Spark The Fire - NEW Version
11 4 in the Morning (Thin White Duke remix)
12 Send Me A Picture
13 Wind It Up (original Neptunes version)
14 What You Waiting For? (Ananyi radio edit)
15 Hollaback Girl (Live Version)
16 Cool (Photek Remix Main Version)
17 What You Waiting For? (Armand van Helden remix)
18 Holla Back Girl
19 Cool (Photek DJ mix)
20 Rainbow Connection (Aus "Muppet Movie")
21 Now That You Got It (album version)
22 Red Flag
23 What You Waiting For? (Jaques Lu Cont remix)
24 What You Waiting For? (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke dub)
25 4 In the Morning (Thin White Duke Mix)
26 Bubble Pop Electric
27 What You Waiting For?
28 Hey Baby
29 Crash
30 Rainbow Connection (From "The Muppet Movie")
31 Early Winter
32 Naughty
33 What You Waiting For? (The Rude Ho mix)
34 What You Waiting For? (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke mix)
35 Harajuku Girls (Live from Launch.com)
36 What You Waiting For? (Cadence Weapon Scarlett remix)
37 Get On The Ball
38 What You Waiting For? (The Rude Hoe mix)
39 Used To Love You
40 What You Waiting For (USB remix)
41 Me Without You
42 The Real Thing
43 What You Waiting For? (Jones & Moss club mix)
44 What You Waiting For? (Live From Launch.com)
45 It's My Life
46 Hollaback Girl (radio edit)
47 Doormat
48 Hollaback Girl (Nudisco edit)
49 Luxurious - This Is How We Roll Edit featuring Slim Thug
50 Early Winter (album version)
51 Rare
52 Danger Zone
53 What You Waiting For? (Oliver's extended club mix)
54 The Real Thing (Slow Jam Mix) [Intl Bonus Track]
55 Hollaback Girl (Dancehollaback Remix by Tony Kanal)
56 Early Winter (Live Version)
57 Rich Girl (feat.Eve)
58 Cool (Richard X mix)
59 The Rainbow Connection (From "The Muppet Movie")
60 Early Winter (live)
61 Make Me Like You
62 The Sweet Esçape
63 What You Waiting For? (a cappella)
64 Now That You Got It (feat. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley)
65 Rich Girl/Album Version
66 Hollaback Girl (album version)
67 Yummy - featuring Pharrell
68 Wind It Up
69 Loveable (International)
70 Harajuku Girls
71 Start a war
72 Wonderful Life
73 What You Waiting For? (Full Intention club mix)
74 Long Way to Go
75 Hollaback Girl (Hollatronix Remix by Diplo)
76 Cool/Album Version
77 Wind It Up (main mix)
78 Rocket Ship
79 Serious
80 Baby Don't Lie (Kaskade & KillaGraham Remix)
81 Breakin' Up
82 What You Waiting For? (DJ Chaos Breakbeat remix)
83 Now That You Got It (Hybrid a.k.a Single Version)
84 Rich Girl
85 Baby Don't Lie
86 Wind It Up (original Neptunes mix)
87 Getting Warmer
88 What You Waiting For? (Lu Cont TWD remix)
89 Baby Don't Lie (Dave Matthias Remix)
90 Don't Get It Twisted
91 What You Waiting For? (Harrington's Tribal mix)
92 Cool (Photek Remix Main Version) [Bonus Track]
93 Dark Blue
94 Cool
95 Asking for It
96 4 In the Morning (Thin White Duke Edit)
97 Obsessed
98 What You Waiting For (Jacques Lu Cont LWD mix)
99 Cool (Photek remix)
100 Don’t Get It Twisted
101 Wind It Up (Live)
102 Now That You Got It (Main Mix a.k.a Remix)
103 What Are You Waiting For
104 Hollaback Girl
105 War Paint
106 4 In the Morning
107 Splash
108 Wind It Up (Harajuku Lovers live version)
109 What You Waiting For? (Armand Van Helden dub)
110 The Real Thing (Camera remix)
111 Now That You Got It (Radio Edit)
112 Do That (Snippet)
113 Wind It Up (Live Version)
114 What You Waiting For? (Jacques Lu Cont's TWD mix)
115 Rainbow Connection - Aus "The Muppet Movie"
116 4 In the Morning (Oscar the Punk Remix)
117 Loveable
118 Orange County Girl
119 Wind It Up (Instr. mix)
120 Spark the Fire
121 Can I Have It Like That
122 Harajuku Girl
123 Hollaback Girl (Dance Hollaback remix by Tony Kanal)
124 Running
125 Snakes
126 What You Waiting For? (Jacques Lu Cont's TWD dub)
127 Rainbow Connection
128 4 in the Morning (radio edit)
129 Where Would I Be?
130 Fluorescent
131 Luxurious (remix)
132 Let Me Blow Your Mind
133 Harajuku Girls (Live) [Bonus Track]
134 Doghouse
135 What You Waiting For? (live)
136 Make Me Like You (RAC Mix)
137 The Sweet Escape
138 Misery
139 U Started It
140 Luxurious (album version)
141 South Side
142 Medley
143 What You Waiting for? (Live) [Bonus Track]
144 Greener Pastures
145 Harajuku Girls (live)
146 Hollaback Girl - Album Version (Edited)
147 Now That You Got It
148 You're My Favorite
149 Hollaback Girl (Harajuku Lovers Live version)
150 Luxurious (a cappella)
151 Yummy
152 Wind It Up (Robots to Mars Remix)
153 The Real Thing (Slow Jam Mix)
154 By The Way
155 Cool (Richard X remix)
156 Used to Love You (MAIZE Remix)
157 Luxurious
158 Truth
159 Wind It Up (Neptunes mix)
160 What You Waiting For? (album version)
161 What Are You Waiting For? (album version)
162 Now That You Got It (Hybrid aka Single Version)

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Gwen Stefani Bio

Gwen Renée Stefani(Born October 3, 1969) is an American recording artist and fashion designer. Stefani serves as lead vocalist for the rock band No Doubt. Formed with influences ranging from punk rock to new wave music, their third wave ska oriented third studio album Tragic Kingdom (1995) propelled them to stardom, selling 16 million copies worldwide. It spawned the singles "Just a Girl", "Spiderwebs", and "Don't Speak". The band's popularity went into decline with its fourth album, Return of Saturn (2000), but Rock Steady (2001) focused on dancehall production traits, and generally received positive reviews.

Stefani recorded her first solo album Love. Angel. Music. Baby. in 2004. The album was primarily inspired by music of the 1980s, and emerged an international success with sales of over seven million. The album's third single "Hollaback Girl" became the first U.S. digital download to sell one million copies. Stefani's second solo album The Sweet Escape (2006) yielded "Wind It Up", a moderate worldwide success, and "The Sweet Escape". Including her work with No Doubt, Stefani has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. She won the World's Best-Selling New Female Artist at the World Music Awards 2005.

Stefani is known as a fashion trendsetter. In 2003, she debuted her clothing line L.A.M.B. and expanded her collection with the 2005 Harajuku Lovers line, drawing inspiration from Japanese culture and fashion. Stefani performs and makes public appearances with four back-up dancers known as the Harajuku Girls. She married British grunge musician Gavin Rossdale in 2002 and they have two sons: Kingston James McGregor Rossdale, who was born May 26, 2006, and Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale, who was born August 21, 2008.

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