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Guru Josh was a performer of the early 1990s British acid house music scene. His most successful release was the 1989 single, "Infinity (1990s... Time for the Guru)" (UK #5, Ger #2).

Guru Josh was an alias for Paul Walden, who began his career as an entertainer and keyboard player at the Sands nightclub, Jersey, performing under the name of Syndrone and Animal. Following the release of "Infinity", his debut single, Walden soon fell out of favour with the music press when his album, also titled Infinity, came out. It received mixed reviews.

Guru Josh also released several other singles: "Freaky Dreamer", "Holographic Dreams", "Whose Law (Is It Anyway?)" (UK #26, Ger #12) (all from 1990) and "Hallelujah" (in 1991), although none of them proved to be anywhere near as popular as his first single. He had most success in Europe.

In 2007, he signed a new recording contract under the name "Guru Josh Project".

In 2008, the single "Infinity 2008" was released, remixed by the German DJ "DJ Klaas" from the original of 1989. The single has so far peaked at #1 on the Dutch and French Singles Chart, and #3 on the UK Singles Chart.


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