Greeley Estates Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Greeley Estates Lyrics - by Popularity

1 There's Something Wrong With The World Today
2 If I Could Be Frank, You're Ugly!
3 Let The Evil Go East
4 Go West Young Man
5 If We're Going Out, Let's Go Out In Style
6 Too Much CSI
7 Y'all With The Vampire Squad?
8 The Narrow Road
9 Desperate Times Call For Desperate Housewives
10 Life Is A Garden
11 Straitjacket
12 Head Underwater
13 If She Only Knew
14 Where Did You Go
15 The Last Dance
16 Lot Lizards
17 Nothing Good Happens After Dark
18 Friendly Neighborhood Visit
19 Watch It Burn
20 In The Ashes
21 Remember
22 Bodies
23 Die
24 Intro
25 Mother Nature Is A Terrorist
26 Believe The Lies
27 The Medic
28 Lennox House
29 Wolves Make Great Actors
30 I'll Have To Warn You, This Won't Be Quick
31 Are You Listening
32 Thousand Burning Forests
33 Doomsday
34 The Offer
35 Secret
36 Broken
37 Devil Son
38 Swim For Your Lives
39 Keep The Heat On The Dash
40 Through Waiting
41 Leave The Light On
42 Marionette
43 You'll Never Leave Vegas Alive
44 You're Just Somebody I Used To Know
45 This Moment
46 Circle The Wagons
47 Turn the Night Away
48 They Won't Stay Dead
49 If We're Going Out, Lets Go Out In Style
50 See Your Scars
51 The Reaction
52 The World You Used to Know
53 Lying Through Your Teeth Doesn't Count As Flossing
54 I Shot The Maid
55 Angela Lansbury Keeps Guys Like You Off The Streets
56 Tonight
57 The Killing Fields
58 Seven Hours
60 Life Is A Garden (EP)
61 The Postman
62 Porcelain
63 Friends Are Friends For Never
64 Jealousy Breeds Killing Sprees
65 Don't Look Away
66 Mouth To Mouth
67 Cut Me Out
68 Blue Morning
69 4,5,6
70 This Song Goes Out To
71 Repaired
72 The End Of All We Know
73 Always
74 December

Greeley Estates Bio

Greeley Estates is an American metalcore band from Maricopa County, Arizona. Formed in 2002, the band has released five full-length studio albums and three EPs. The group initially had an emo and post-hardcore sound, but with some line-up changes later they changed their sound, pursuing metalcore with their third studio album Go West Young Man, Let the Evil Go East (2008).

Greeley Estates signed to Tragic Hero Records and Ferret Music in 2009 and released their fourth full-length album No Rain, No Rainbow in 2010, which features an even heavier sound. The band released their fifth album The Death of Greeley Estates on August 9, 2011 (not to be confused with their 2005 DVD of the same name), to which its sound was cited by vocalist, Ryan Zimmerman as a hybrid between their past two studio albums. Greeley Estates' only remaining founding members are Zimmerman and guitarist, Brandon Hackenson.