Great Lake Swimmers Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Great Lake Swimmers Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Your Rocky Spine
2 Pulling On A Line
3 Everything Is Moving So Fast
4 Stealing Tomorrow
5 Still
6 River's Edge
7 Palmistry
8 She Comes To Me In Dreams
9 The Chorus In The Underground
10 New Light
11 It's Too Late
12 Where In the World Are You
13 Unison Falling Into Harmony
14 I Became Awake
15 Put There By the Land
16 Catcher Song
17 Concrete Heart
18 Moving, Shaking
19 Merge, A Vessel, A Harbour
20 Zero in the City
21 Parkdale Blues
22 Song For The Angels
23 I Will Never See The Sun
24 Shaking All Over
25 On the Water
26 Singer Castle Bells
27 Let's Trade Skins
28 New Light [Live]
29 Don't Leave Me Hanging
30 Les Champs de Progéniture
31 When It Flows
32 Stealing Tomorrow [Live]
33 One More Charge at the Red Cape
34 Backstage With the Modern Dancers
35 Various Stages
36 Everything Is Moving So Fast [Live]
37 I Was a Wayward Pastel Bay
38 Catcher Son
39 Bodies And Minds
40 Still [Live]
41 A Bird Flew Inside the House
42 Changing Colours
43 To Leave It Behind
44 Concrete Heart [Live]
45 A Jukebox in a Desert of Snow
46 I Am Part of a Large Family
47 Falling Into The Sky
48 The Chorus In The Underground [Live]
49 I Must Have Someone Else's Blues
50 Imaginary Bars
51 Palmistry [Live]
52 The Great Bear
53 Think That You Might Be Wrong
54 There Is a Light
55 The Storms Are On The Ocean
56 This Is Not Like Home
57 She Comes To Me In Dreams [Live]
58 With Every Departure
59 New Wild Everywhere
60 The Animals Of The World
61 Don't Cry No Tears
62 Expecting You
63 The Great Exhale
64 I Saw You In The Wild
65 Faithful Night, Listening
66 Bodies & Minds
67 The Knife
68 I Could Be Nothing
69 Three Days At Sea (three Lost Years)
70 Cornflower Blue
71 Changes with the Wind
72 Long Into The Evening
73 Great Lake Swimmers
74 Fields of Progeny
75 Easy Come Easy Go
76 Moving Pictures Silent Films
77 Hands In Dirty Ground
78 Passenger Song
79 Ballad of a Fisherman's Wife
80 The Man With No Skin
81 Innocent W.Y.D.
82 Something Like a Storm
83 Quiet Your Mind

Great Lake Swimmers Bio

Canadian band built around the melodic folk rock songs of singer-songwriter Tony Dekker. Originally from Wainfleet, Ontario, the band is currently based in Toronto.