Graham Kendrick Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Graham Kendrick Lyrics - by Popularity

1 What Can I Do?
2 Rock of Ages
3 Meekness and Majesty
4 Thorns in the Straw
5 Immanuel, O Immanuel
6 Keep My Eyes on You
7 Knowing You Jesus
8 To the King Eternal
9 Amazing Love
10 Creation's King
11 The Servant King (We Give Our Lives) [with Rend Collective] (Duet with Rend Collective)
12 Hymn of the Ages
13 Thank You for the Cross
14 Blessed Are the Humble (The Beatitudes)
15 Teach Me To Dance
16 Beautiful Mystery
17 Praise My Soul the King of Heaven (with Martin Smith)
18 One in You
19 Is Anyone Thirsty?
20 Father Me
21 The Feast
22 Only You Deserve the Praise
23 The Servant King (We Give Our Lives) [with Rend Collective Experiment]
24 Church Arise
25 Jesus Stand Among Us / Here Is Bread
26 Join Our Hearts
27 Go Forth In His Name
28 Crucified Man
29 That Name (with Darlene Zschech)
30 What A Love I've Found
31 God of the Poor
32 Say Yes
33 You Have Been Good
34 Language of Angels
35 Be Exalted
36 Jesus Stand Among Us/Here Is Bread
37 History Makers
38 Lift High the Cross
39 I Love Your Name
40 What You Started
41 Have You Heard?
42 Shout His Name
43 I Kneel Down
44 The Way Is Open
45 If It Was Not For That Name
46 The Servant King (We Give Our Lives)
47 I Know He Lives
48 This Is My Beloved Son
49 I Delight
50 Honour the Lord
51 Here Is Love/Shine Jesus Shine
52 Love Each Other
53 God Be Gracious
54 There Is a Hope So Sure
55 Shine, Jesus Shine (Lord, the Light of Your Love)
56 The Servant King (We Give Our Lives) [with Rend Collective Experiment] (Duet Version)
57 Lord the Light of Your Love
58 Turn Our Hearts
59 Jesus the Source of All Our Joy
60 We Believe
61 To You O Lord (Live)
62 Only by Grace
63 Yes I Believe
64 How Long? (As We Bring Our Songs)
65 Apostles Creed
66 The Servant King (Live)
67 All I Once Held Dear (Knowing You)
68 God Is Great
69 Led Like a Lamb
70 The Peace
71 Knowing You (Live)
72 Shine, Jesus, Shine
73 The Servant King
74 Caiaphas and the Temple Guard
75 God of the Poor (Beauty for Brokennes)
76 Until The Day
77 Amazing Love (Live)
78 Shine, Jesus, Shine (reprise)
79 For This I Have Jesus
80 Peter at the Breaking of the Bread
81 Banquet
82 I Shall Be Clean Again
83 I Shall Be Clean Again (Live)
84 To You o Lord
85 Knowing You
86 How Much Do You Think You Are Worth?
87 Tonight (Glory to God)
88 He Is Risen

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