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Genre: Rock

Gossip Bio

The Gossip (also known as GOXXIP or sometimes GSSP) are a three-piece American indie rock band fronted by plus-size punk queen Beth Ditto.; the band was relatively unknown until they hit success with their third studio album, Standing in the Way of Control. Gossip's first UK TV appearance was on BBC1's Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, where they performed "Standing in the Way of Control" to a studio audience. This led to many more TV appearances, including lead singer Beth Ditto being the host of channel4's The Friday Night Project, alongside Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr.

The Gossip was formed in 1999 in Olympia, Washington with vocalist Beth Ditto, guitarist Brace Paine, and drummer Kathy Mendonca. In 1999 the Independent record label, K Records, released The Gossip's first recording, their eponymous debut EP, The Gossip in 1999.

Since the formation of the band, Ditto has been considered controversial by the mainstream for being open about her weight and homosexuality, and not holding back when it comes to discussing fellow musicians.

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