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Genre: Rock

Gossip Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Love & Let Love
2 Keeping You Alive
3 Dark Lines
4 Holy Water
5 Perfect World (Seamus Haji remix)
6 Perfect World (Remix)
7 Standing In the Way of Control (Live from Abbey Road)
8 Vertical Rhythm
9 Love Long Distance (Fake Blood remix - original)
10 Standing in the Way of Control - Live @ 100 Club London
11 Heavy Cross
12 Perfect World (Seamus Haji remix radio edit)
13 Sweet Baby
14 Move in the Right Direction (Seamus Haji club mix)
15 Move In the Right Direction (Remix)
16 Heavy Cross (Live from Abbey Road)
17 For Keeps
18 Heavy Cross (NRJ Session)
19 Heavy Cross - Live From BBC 1's Radio Live Lounge
20 Perfect World (radio edit)
21 Heavy Cross (radio edit)
22 Bones
23 Move in the Right Direction (Seamus Haji radio edit)
24 Listen Up (Live)
25 Dont (Make Waves)
26 2012
27 Pop Goes the World (NRJ Session)
28 Love Long Distance (Album Version)
29 Move In the Right Direction (CSS Remix)
30 I Won’t Play
31 Bring It On
32 Move in the Right Direction (Seamus Haji dub)
33 Danger
34 Jealous Girls (Live at the Astoria)
35 Love and Let Love
36 Listen Up (NRJ Session)
37 Standing In the Way of Control
38 Move in the Right Direction (album version)
39 Here Today Gone Tomorrow
40 Perfect World (Rory Phillips mix)
41 Where The Girls Are
42 Got Body If You Want It
43 Move in the Right Direction (Gossip vs. Kas James remix)
44 Casualties of War
45 Keeping You Alive (Live at the Astoria)
46 Four Letter Word
47 2012 (NRJ Session)
48 Get a Job
49 Listen Up (Punks Jump Up remix)
50 Sick With It
51 Move in the Right Direction (Classixx remix)
52 Hott Date
53 Heavy Cross (album version)
54 Into The Wild
55 Jealous Girls (Live at the 100 Club)
56 Spare Me From The Mold
57 Love Long Distance (NRJ Session)
58 Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix - Radio Edit)
59 Listen Up! (2007 radio edit)
60 Fire With Fire
61 Get a Job (Wankelmut remix)
62 Tuff Luv
63 Standing in the Way of Control (album version)
64 Get Lost
65 Eyes Open (Live)
66 Vertical Rhythm - Live at the Paradiso
67 Men in Love (NRJ Session)
68 Heavy Cross (Siriusmo Remix)
69 Listen Up! (The Black Ghosts remix)
70 Get a Job (Peter Rauhofer remix)
71 Perfect World (Playgroup Nude mix)
72 And You Know...
73 Vertical Rhythm (Live at the Paradiso) [Bonus Track]
74 Involved
75 Swing Low (Live)
76 Heavy Cross - Live at the Paradiso
77 Standing in the Way of Control (NRJ Session)
78 Heavy Cross - Yuksek Remix
79 Listen Up! (Punks Jump Up remix)
80 Love Long Distance (Live from Abbey Road)
81 Get a Job (Scissor Sisters remix)
82 Got All This Waiting
83 Fire/Sign (Live)
84 I Won't Play
85 Fire / Sign (Live)
86 Yr Mangled Heart - Live
87 Listen Up! (Tronik Youth remix)
88 Heavy Cross (Burns Remix)
89 Listen Up! (JD Twitch remix)
90 Fire Sign
91 Get Lost (Junior Vasquez remix)
92 Jailbreak
93 Love Long Distance (Riva Starr Remix) [Vocal]
94 Love Long Distance - 1LIVE in Dortmund
95 Jealous Girls (Live)
96 Are You That Somebody - Live
97 Standing in the Way of Control (Soulwax remix)
98 Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix)
99 Listen Up! (2007 album version)
100 Swing Low
101 Perfect World (Seamus Haji club remix)
102 Listen Up (1LIVE in Dortmund)
103 Melody Emergency (1LIVE in Dortmund)
104 Men In Love - 1LIVE in Dortmund
105 Yesterday's News (Live)
106 Coal To Diamonds - Live
107 Men In Love
108 Yr Mangled Heart (Tiga's Congabreak remix)
109 Perfect World (RAC Mix)
110 Love Long Distance (Radio Edit)
111 Love Long Distance (Riva Starr Remix) [Instrumental]
112 Get a Job - 1LIVE in Dortmund
113 Jasons Basement
114 Standing In The Way Of Control - Live
115 Get a Job (Wankelmut remix radio edit)
116 Yr Mangled Heart (Linus Loves remix)
117 Eyes Open
118 Move in the Right Direction
119 Heavy Cross (Fred Falke Remix) [Bonus Track]
120 Pop Goes the World (Live)
121 Dimestore Diamond
122 Keeping You Alive (Live)
123 Listen Up!
124 Perfect World
125 Yr Mangled Heart (Rory Phillips Remangle remix)
126 Jealous Girls
127 Melody Emergency
128 Heartbeats
129 Love Long Distance (Live)
130 8th Wonder
131 Don't (Make Waves)
132 Move in the Right Direction - Radio Edit
133 Jealous Girls (Live At The Astoria, London)
134 Yr Mangled Heart (Si McEvoy Trash Fash remix)
135 Coal To Diamonds
136 Horns
137 Spare Me from the Mold (Bonus Track)
138 Men In Love (Live)
139 Love Long Distance
140 Love Long Distance (Riva Starr remix radio edit)
141 Yr Mangled Heart
142 Keeping You Alive (Live At The Astoria, London)
143 Love Long Distance (Riva Starr remix)
144 Love in a Foreign Place
145 Jason's Basement
146 Careless Whisper (Live)
147 Pop Goes the World
148 Move in the Right Direction (Gossip VS Kaz James remix)
149 Listen Up! - Live at the Astoria
150 Heavy Cross (Live)
151 Love Long Distance (Riva Starr vocal remix)
152 Dangerrr

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Gossip Bio

The Gossip (also known as GOXXIP or sometimes GSSP) are a three-piece American indie rock band fronted by plus-size punk queen Beth Ditto.; the band was relatively unknown until they hit success with their third studio album, Standing in the Way of Control. Gossip's first UK TV appearance was on BBC1's Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, where they performed "Standing in the Way of Control" to a studio audience. This led to many more TV appearances, including lead singer Beth Ditto being the host of channel4's The Friday Night Project, alongside Justin Lee Collins and Alan Carr.

The Gossip was formed in 1999 in Olympia, Washington with vocalist Beth Ditto, guitarist Brace Paine, and drummer Kathy Mendonca. In 1999 the Independent record label, K Records, released The Gossip's first recording, their eponymous debut EP, The Gossip in 1999.

Since the formation of the band, Ditto has been considered controversial by the mainstream for being open about her weight and homosexuality, and not holding back when it comes to discussing fellow musicians.

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