Goldie Lookin Chain Lyrics

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap

Goldie Lookin Chain Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Welcome To Germany
2 Amsterdamage
3 Rollin
4 Garlic Bread
5 Newport Bouncers
6 If I Told You
7 You Knows I Loves You - Live
8 Minimoto
9 New Day
10 Because I’m
11 Olderladies
12 R 'n' B (Goldie Lookin Chain Inhale Blacksmoke)
13 Spaceman
14 Self Suicide
15 Livin’ At Home
16 Your Missus Is a Nutter (Drum and Bass Mix)
17 The Andy Townsend Rap
18 Song For Kelly
19 The Manifesto
20 Workaholic
21 Your Missus Is a Nutter - Live
22 Mister Faharenheit
23 You Knows I Loves You
24 Takin’ Out the Bins
25 Silver Shadow - Live
26 Everybody Is A DJ
27 Your Mother's Got a Penis
28 Just Coz it Rhymes
29 My DJ - Live
30 21 Ounces
31 Disguise
32 The Maggot
33 What Would Biggie Do
34 Your Mother's Got a Penis - Live
35 Guns dont kill people rappers do
36 By Any Means Necessary
37 Soap Bar
38 No Joke
39 Waitrose Rap
40 Adam On The Phone
41 Half Man Half Machine
42 Fresh Prince of Cwmbran
43 Self Suicide - Live
44 The Take Over
45 Hardcore Exchange
46 Apathy
47 Roller Disco
48 Time and Space
49 The Maggot - Live
50 House Party
51 3D
52 Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do
53 Delivery Driver
54 Half Man Half Machine - Live
55 Eddie The Wrestler
56 Nothing Ever Happens
57 It’s the Chain
58 Bad Boy Limp
59 Roller Disco - Live
60 Majic Dusty
61 Space Police
62 Gangsta
63 Eastenders Rap
64 Soap Bar - Live
65 Maggot Chant
66 At the Drive Thru
67 I Seen Your Mother
68 GLC Will Bang In Your Face - Live
69 The Nugget
70 Strobe Lights
71 You Don’t Know
72 Ice Ice Dildo
73 Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do - Live
74 Lloyd Ganja 9t9s Lament
75 Unemployed And Over Drawn
76 Baneswell Express
77 Sister
78 Time To Make A Change - Live

Goldie Lookin Chain Bio

Goldie Lookin Chain is a comedic rap music group based in Newport, South Wales. The group produces humorous, controversial and often explicit songs that satirise hip hop, today's consumer society, the ‘chav’ culture and life in Newport and south Wales in general.

Many of the songs contain references to places and hang-outs local to Newport. Much of the humour comes from the adoption of hip-hop style and language, adapted into the local South Wales vernacular, partly to poke fun at "chav culture". Their music also satirises gangsta rap by highlighting the disparity between the band's deliberately unglamorous image, and the media hype and glamour usually associated with gangsta rap. While the correct spelling of the name of the group would require correct punctuation (with an apostrophe at the end of Lookin), no sleeve or band literature indicates one.

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