Godfrey Birtill Lyrics

Genre: Christian

Godfrey Birtill Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Daring to Believe
2 Lift Up Your Heads Gates of Brass
3 Just One Touch From the King
4 One Died for All
5 The Wine Is Alive
6 I Won't Take the Bait
7 God So Loved
8 Where Oh Where's Your Presence O God (You're Still God)
9 I'm Still Here
10 This World Is Crowded
11 Ring Out Wild Bells
12 Though I've Seen Troubles
13 When I Look at the Blood
14 All Win No Fee
15 It's Bubbling
16 Jesus My Strength
17 Unbelief Is A Barren Field
18 I'm Not Talkin
19 Very God
20 I Have Come to These Islands
21 Do You Believe What I Believe About You?
22 I Tried Keeping Rules
23 The Voice of the Lord
24 Balsam Trees
25 Hijacked Into Paradise
26 Living in the Unforced
27 Fruitful Vineyard
28 Breakout!
29 We've Gone (Beep Beep)
30 I'm Sinking
31 Many Are the Plans
32 Outrageous Grace
33 Let Me Shout (Wild Goose)
34 Yea (Psalm 23)
35 The Best
36 Why Whould You Be Like a Stranger
37 I Will Set My Face (Wonderful God)
38 R U Ready
39 It's a Love Ambush
40 We've Entered In
41 Glory Rivers
42 Behold the Mountain of the Lord
43 Looking for Your Presence (Carrying You)
44 God So Loved This Whole World (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
45 Bibbidy Bobbidy
46 At the Name of Jesus (This Is Your God)
47 Just As He Said
48 Just One Touch From the King (Live) (Worship Box Live Album Version)
49 Purify My Imagination
50 We Are Feeding
51 He's Done It All
52 No Worries
53 Just One Touch From The King - Live;Worship Box Live Album Version
54 The Die Has Been Cast
55 Lord Turn Your Footsteps
56 Riding on the Waves
57 The Love of Loves Word
58 Fear Not O Little Flock
59 The Die Has Been Cast ((Live))
60 Hijacked Into Paradise (Live)
61 Gas Gas Gas
62 Looking for Your Presence
63 Blessed Are the People
64 Blessed Are the People ((Live))
65 How Beautiful the Feet
66 Though I Walk Through the Valley
67 The Suddenly of God
68 I Will Stand
69 Bless the Lord O My Soul
70 For In Christ
71 My Theme Song
72 I Will Set My Face
73 There's a Lot of Pain (Outrageous Grace)
74 O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing
75 It's a Wonderful Dance