Godfathers Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Godfathers Lyrics - by Popularity

1 She Said (C Burrows, P Coyne, A Byworth)
2 Birth, School, Work, Death (The Godfathers)
3 Those Days Are Over (The Godfathers)
4 Unreal World (P Coyne, C Burrows, C Coyne)
5 How Does It Feel To Feel (R Garner, E Phillips)
6 I'll Never Forget What's His Name (P Coyne, C Coyn
7 I Love What's Happening To Me (P Coyne, C Coyne, M
8 That's The Way I Feel (C Burrows, P Coyne, A Bywor
9 Life Has Passed Us By (The Godfathers)
10 World On Fire (C Coyne, P Coyne, C Burrows)
11 Believe In Yourself (P Coyne, C Coyne, M Gibson)
12 It's So Hard (The Godfathers)
13 Just Like You (The Godfathers)
14 Drag Me Down Again (P Coyne, C Burrows)
15 Love Is Dead (The Godfathers)
16 This Is War (P Coyne, C Burrows, C Coyne)
17 Strange About Today (C Burrows, P Coyne)
18 Halfway Paralysed (The Godfathers)
19 How Low Is Low
20 How Low Is Low (The Godfathers)
21 The Prisoner (C Burrows, P Coyne)
22 Cause I Said So
23 I Don't Believe In You (The Godfathers)
24 Time Is Now (C Coyne, P Coyne)
25 She Gives Me Love
26 I'm Lost And Then I'm Found (The Godfathers)
27 Trip On You (C Burrows, P Coyne, C Coyne, A Bywort
28 Love Is Dead
29 Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues
30 Cause I Said So (The Godfathers)
31 Pretty Girl (The Godfathers)
32 If I Only Had Time (The Godfathers)
33 She Gives Me Love (The Godfathers)
34 Can't Try Harder (M Gibson)
35 This Is Your Life (The Godfathers)
36 Don't Let Me Down (C Coyne, C Burrows, M Gibson, P
37 Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues (The Godfathers)
38 21st Century Dreaming (C Burrows, P Coyne)
39 Obsession (The Godfathers)
40 Free Yourself (C Burrows, P Coyne, A Byworth)
41 S T B (The Godfathers)
42 Help Me Now (C Burrows, P Coyne, C Coyne)
43 Tell Me Why (The Godfathers)
44 Losing My Mind (C Burrows, P Coyne, C Coyne)
45 King Of Misery (P Coyne, C Coyne, C Burrows, M Gib
46 The Strangest Boy (The Godfathers)
47 Seven Days (C Burrows, P Coyne)
48 Something Good About You (C Coyne, C Burrows, P Co
49 When Am I Coming Down (The Godfathers)
50 Another You (The Godfathers)