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Girly Sound is the moniker under which singer-songwriter Liz Phair recorded several self-produced cassettes in 1991. Recorded on a 4-track tape recorder in her childhood bedroom at her parents' house and initially given only to two people by Phair, Chris Brokaw and Tae Won Yu, these tapes became somewhat of a sensation in the American tape trading/zine subculture. In 1992, Phair signed a deal with Matador Records on the strength of a tape she had sent in consisting of 6 Girly Sound tracks. Phair's debut album Exile in Guyville is largely a reworking of songs from these tapes. None of the Girly Sound tapes has ever been given an official release (5 tracks were released in 1995 on the Juvenilia EP), though Phair has frequently gone back and reworked many of the songs for her studio albums throughout her career. As a result, Phair's Girly Sound tapes are still one of the most sought-after alternative-rock bootlegs. A bonus disc of 10 Girlysound tracks is included with the physical release of Phair's 2010 album Funstyle.


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