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Genre: Pop

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1 freak me out
2 Crocodile Tears
3 Love Machine (live @ The Local in Birmingham, 2007)
4 The Show (Tony Lamezma club mix)
5 The Promise (Jason Nevins extended mix)
6 Fling - Live
7 Biology
8 Wake Me Up (original version)
9 Untouchable (Bimbo Jones dub)
10 Fling - Live From The O2/ 2008
11 Sound of the Underground (Flip & Fill remix)
12 I'll Stand by You (Gravitas vocal dub mix)
13 I'll Stand by You (a cappella: Cheryl, Nadine and Sarah)
14 Medley
15 On My Way to Satisfaction
16 I Think We're Alone Now (Uniting Nations Remix)
17 Some Kind of Miracle
18 Can't Speak French
19 Big Brother
20 The Promise
21 The Show
22 Long Hot Summer (live at G-A-Y)
23 Fields Of Gold
24 Turn to Stone
25 Biology (Chemistry Tour live @ Wembley, 2006)
26 Biology (Tony Lamezma Remix)
27 The Promise (Jason Nevins dub mix)
28 Control Of The Knife - Live
29 On a Round
30 I Predict a Riot (Live From Wembley)
31 No Good Advice (original demo)
32 Control Of The Knife - Live From The O2/ 2008
33 Whole Lotta History (Ash Howes radio mix)
34 No Good Advice (Doublefunk vocal mix)
35 Sound of the Underground (Brian Higgins remix)
36 Beneath You're Beautiful
37 Sound of the Underground (Exclusive Flip & Fill remix)
38 I Think We're Alone Now (Tony Lamezma Baubletastic Remix)
39 You Freak Me Out
40 Can’t Speak French
41 Hear Me Out
42 With Every Heartbeat
43 Jump (Flip & Fill remix)
44 See the Day (Soudhouse Masterblaster mix)
45 Whole Lotta History (Ash Howes mix)
46 Racey Lacey
47 Live in the Country
48 Graffiti My Soul (live @ The Hammersmith Apollo, 2005)
49 See the Day
50 The Promise (Dave Audé radio edit)
51 Call The Shots - Live
52 Love Is the Key
53 Sound of the Underground (extended version for TV Appearances)
54 Long Hot Summer (alternate version 1)
55 Call The Shots - Live From The O2/ 2008
56 Call the Shots (Alex K mix)
57 No Good Advice (Doublefunk dub mix)
58 Walk This Way
59 Sexy! No No No (Live From The O2 - Stereo)
60 Call the Shots (Tony Lamezma mix)
61 I Think We're Alone Now (Tony Lamezma Baubletastic mix)
62 Forever & a Night
63 I Think We're Alone Now (New mix - Promo and single)
64 Here We Go
65 She
66 Love Machine (Gravitas "Disco" Mix)
67 Teenage Dirtbag (live at Carling Academy, London)
68 Rolling Back The Rivers
69 We Wanna Party
70 Jump (Love Actually)
71 It's Magic
72 The Promise (Dave Audé club mix)
73 Love Machine - Live at Hammersimth Apollo
74 Miss You Bow Wow
75 Loving Is Easy
76 Long Hot Summer (alternate version 2)
77 Something Kinda Ooooh - Live From The O2/ 2008
78 Sexy No No
79 No Good Advice (clean version)
80 Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me
81 Girl Overboard (Live From The O2 - Stereo)
82 Untouchable (Bimbo Jones remix)
83 I Think We're Alone Now (alternative mix)
84 Girls on Film
85 Something New (The Alias club mix)
86 Thank Me Daddy
87 Can't Speak French (radio edit)
88 Androgynous Girls
89 I Think We're Alone Now (single mix)
90 Turn 2 Stone
91 Theme to St. Trinians
92 I Predict a Riot
93 I Don't Really Hate You
94 The Promise (Dave Audé dub mix)
95 With Every Heartbeat - Live From BBC 1's Radio Live Lounge
96 Waiting
97 Singapore
98 Sexy! No No No... (Development Track)
99 I'll Stand By You
100 The Promise (single version)
101 Life Got Cold (29 Palms remix)
102 Something New (The Alias Radio Edit)
103 Sound of the Underground (Live From The O2 - Stereo)
104 Untouchable (Bimbo Jones radio edit)
105 I Think We're Alone Now (Co-Stars Epic club mix)
106 The Show (Flip & Fill remix)
107 Sound of the Underground (Brian Higgins mix)
108 I Say a Prayer for You
109 Hoxton Heroes
110 I'll Stand by You (Tony Lamezma's Club Romp)
111 I Think We're Alone Now (Flip & Fill remix)
112 Fever
113 Sexy No No No
114 Call the Shots (Alex K remix)
115 See the Day (Soundhouse Masterblaster mix)
116 Memory of You
117 Love Bomb (UK Bonus Track)
118 Rolling Back the Rivers in Time
119 Sacred Trust
120 Love Machine (original demo)
121 I’ll Stand by You
122 Something Kinda Ooooh (Flip & Fill mix)
123 Life Got Cold (radio version)
124 Something New (Manhattan Clique Remix)
125 Close To love (Live From The O2 - Stereo)
126 Graffiti My Soul
127 I Think We're Alone Now (original radio edit)
128 The Show (Gravitas club mix)
129 No Good Advice (Dreadzone dub mix)
130 100 Different Ways
131 Can't Speak French (Passions remix)
132 I'll Stand By You (Gravitas Vocal Dub Mix Edit)
133 Long Hot Summer (Tony Lamezma mix)
134 Something Kinda Ooooh (live in Bournemouth)
135 Why Do It?
136 White Christmas
137 The Loving Kind
138 The Crazy Life
139 The Loving Kind (Utah Saints club mix)
140 Everything You Ever Wanted (UK Bonus Track)
141 Love Is Pain
142 Whole Lotta History
143 Something Kinda Ooooh (original demo)
144 Long Hot Summer (GAY Live)
145 Sexy! No No No... (Flip & Fill mix)
146 Life Got Cold (Stella Browne vocal mix)
147 Sound of the Underground (remix)
148 Can't Speak French (Live From The O2 - Stereo)
149 Wild Horses
150 Something Kinda Ooooh (Tube City Mix)
151 Real Life
152 No Good Advice (Flip & Fill remix)
153 Intro
154 With Every Heartbeat (Radio One Live Lounge)
155 Jingle Bell Rock
156 Sexy! No No No... (Xenomania club mix)
157 Don't Ask For Forever
158 Christmas Round At Ours
159 Untouchable
160 Something Kinda Ooooh (Tony Lamezma mix)
161 The Loving Kind (Wideboys club mix)
162 Girl Overboard - Live From The O2/ 2008
163 Revolution in the Head
164 Money
165 On the Metro
166 Can't Speak French (Tony Lamzma Mix Radio Edit)
167 The Promise (Flip & Fill mix)
168 Life Got Cold (Stella Browne dub)
169 No Good Advice (Dreadzone Vocal Mix)
170 Love Machine (Live From The O2 - Stereo)
171 Swinging London Town
172 Something Kinda Ooooh (Tony Lamezma Remix)
173 Love Machine
174 Life Got Cold (Stella Browne original mix)
175 Watch Me Go
176 I'm Every Woman
177 Count the Days
178 Sexy! No No No... (Flip & Fill remix)
179 Girl Overboard - Live
180 Something Kinda Oooh (Flip & Fill remix)
181 I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
182 Models
183 The Loving Kind (Wideboys radio mix)
184 Sound Of The Underground - Live From The O2/ 2008
185 Fix Me Up
186 Biology (live at Wembley)
187 Every Now and Then
188 Wake Me Up (Tony Lamezma's 'Love Affair')
189 Wake Me Up (Flip & Fill remix)
190 Jump (Almighty dub mix)
191 No Good Advice
192 Black Jacks (Live From The O2 - Stereo)
193 Girl Overboard
194 Something Kinda Ooooh (Free ZR Remix)
195 Stay Another Day
196 Life Got Cold (29 Palms club remix)
197 No Regrets
198 Call the Shots
199 Merry Xmas Everybody
200 Rehab (From the Jo Whiley live Lounge)
201 Sound Of The Underground - Live
202 All I Need (All I Don't)
203 Girls Aloud Megamix
204 The Loving Kind (Wideboys dub)
205 Close To love - Live From The O2/ 2008
206 Not Tonight Santa
207 The Sound of the Underground
208 Something New
209 Medley (What Will the Neighbour's Say Medley)
210 Jump (Flip & Fill mix)
211 Wake Me Up (Gravitas club mix)
212 Life Got Cold
213 Biology (Live From The O2 - Stereo)
214 Black Jacks
215 Something Kinda Ooooh (Original Radio Edit)
216 Love Machine (radio edit)
217 The Show (Gravitas club remix)
218 Racy Lacey
219 Something Kinda Ooooh (DJ mix)
220 Rehab (Jo Whiley Live Lounge cover)
221 Long Hot Summer
222 Call the Shots (Tony Lamezma Sniper mix)
223 Close To love - Live
224 Mars Attack
225 Something Kinda Ooooh
226 The Loving Kind (Utah Saints radio mix)
227 Can't Speak French - Live From The O2/ 2008
228 The Promise (Flip & Fill remix)
229 Sexy! No No No... (original radio edit)
230 Something New (Jim Eliot Remix)
231 Medley (What Will the Neighbours Say Medley)
232 Lights, Music, Camera, Action
233 Love Machine (Tony Lamezma mix)
234 Girls Allowed
235 Whole Lotta History (Live From The O2 - Stereo)
236 I Think We're Alone Now (Flip and Fill mix)
237 Wake Me Up (demo)
238 Wake Me Up
239 The Show (Bang Bang Klub vocal mix)
240 Close to Love
241 Something Kinda Ooooh (live @ The Local in Birmingham, 2007)
242 Life Got Cold (album version)
243 Call the Shots (Tony Lamezma's radio edit)
244 Can't Speak French - Live
245 Love / Hate
246 I Think We're Alone Now
247 The Loving Kind (Utah Sains dub)
248 Love Machine - Live From The O2/ 2008
249 Something Kinda Ooooh (Tony Lamezma remix edit)
250 Sexy! No No No... (Tony Lamezma's 'Yes Yes Yes' mix)
251 Something New (The Alias Radio Mix)
252 Wake Me Up - Tony Lamezmas "Love Affair"
253 Grease
254 Biology (Benitez Beats)
255 Love Bomb
256 I'll Stand By You (Live From The O2 - Stereo)
257 Forever and a Night
258 Sound of the Underground (ROTY mix)
259 History
260 The Show (Bang Bang dub mix)
261 Control of the Knife
262 Waiting (Chemistry Tour live @ Wembley, 2006)
263 Lights, Music, Camera, Action!
264 With Every Heartbeat (From the Jo Whiley live Lounge)
265 Black Jacks - Live
266 Boogie Down Love
267 Love Machine (demo)
268 Love Is the Key (Thriller Jill mix - From the Girls Aloud Party)
269 Black Jacks - Live From The O2/ 2008
270 I'll Stand by You (Tony Lamezma club mix)
271 Sexy! No No No... (Xenomania mix)
272 Something New (Fred Falke Remix)
273 No Good Advice (Double Funk clean vocal mix)
274 Nobody but You
275 Whole Lotta History (Whole Lotta Lamezma mix)
276 Hopelessly Devoted to You
277 Fling (Live From The O2 - Stereo)
278 Love/Hate
279 Teenage Dirtbag
280 Life Got Cold (clean album version)
281 The Show (BBK alternative mix)
282 Fling
283 What You Crying For
284 Call the Shots (Tangled Up Tour live From The O2, 2008)
285 Love Machine (live)
286 Can't Speak French (Tony Lamezma radio edit)
287 Biology - Live
288 Stop
289 Biology (radio edit)
290 Untouchable (album version edit)
291 Biology - Live From The O2/ 2008
292 Can't Speak French (Tony Lamezma remix)
293 Sexy! No No No...
294 Something Kinda Oooh
295 No Good Advice (Doublefunk Clean Vocal Mix)
296 Crazy Fool
297 Teenage Dirtbag (live)
298 Sound of the Underground
299 Control of the Knife (Live From The O2 - Stereo)
300 Don't Want You Back
301 Call the Shots (Tony Lamezma club mix)
302 Life Got Cold (radio edit)
303 Wake Me Up (Tony's Lamezmas "Love Affair")
304 I'm Falling
305 Deadlines & Diets (live @ the Hammersmith Apollo, 2005)
306 Real Life (live)
307 The Promise (radio edit)
308 Whole Lotta History - Live
309 White Lies
310 Biology (Tony Lamezama mix)
311 Untouchable (Bimbo Jones club mix)
312 Whole Lotta History - Live From The O2/ 2008
313 I'll Stand by You (radio)
314 Something Kinda Ooooh (live)
315 Broken Strings
316 Teenage Dirtbag (Live at the Carling Academy)
317 Blow Your Cover
318 Something Kinda Ooooh (Tube City remix)
319 Jump (Almighty vocal mix)
320 Call the Shots (Live From The O2 - Stereo)
321 Everything You Ever Wanted
322 Call the Shots (Xenomania club mix)
323 Life Got Cold (29 Palms remix edit)
324 Love Machine (live at Hammersmith Apollo)
325 Damn
326 Close to Love (Tangled Up Tour live From The O2, 2008)
327 Long Hot Summer (live)
328 Girl Overboard (live at the O2 Arena)
329 I'll Stand By You - Live
330 Jump for My Love
331 No Good Advice (Parental Advisory version)
332 Untouchable (Bimbo Jones radio mix)
333 I'll Stand By You - Live From The O2/ 2008
334 Something Kinda Ooooh (Flip & Fill remix)
335 Dog Without a Bone
336 I Wanna Kiss You So (Christmas in a Nutshell)
337 I'll Stand By You (Tony Lamezma'a Club Romp)
338 The Loving Kind (radio edit)
339 Something Kinda Ooooh (Co-Stars remix)
340 Jump
341 Something Kinda Ooooh (Live From The O2 - Stereo)
342 Deadlines & Diets
343 Call the Shots (radio edit)
344 Life Got Cold (Stella Browne edit)
345 Real Life (live at Hammersmith Apollo)

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Girls Aloud Bio

Girls Aloud are a British girl group created by ITV1 talent show Popstars: The Rivals in 2002. The group, consisting of Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh, Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts and Sarah Harding, has become one of the most successful British pop groups of the decade, with a record-breaking 19 consecutive Top 10 singles (including four number ones) and six albums (including two number ones). They are Smash Hits poll winners, have won a TMF Award and have been nominated for two BRIT Awards.

Girls Aloud hold the record for the shortest time between formation and reaching number one in the UK Charts (with their platinum-selling début single "Sound of the Underground"), and have since become one of the few reality television groups to achieve continued success. Guinness World Records lists them as "Most Successful Reality TV Group" in the 2007 edition, and they also hold the record for "Most Consecutive Top Ten Entries in the UK by a Female Group" in the 2008 edition, with 15 consecutive top tens from "Sound of the Underground" in 2002 through to "Walk This Way" in 2007. Girls Aloud have since extended this record to 19 consecutive Top 10s from debut — the most recent being "The Promise" which reached #1 in October 2008.

Girls Aloud have a number of diverse fans including the Jonas Brothers, Matt Helders, Chris Martin, Duff McKagan, and Neil Tennant. They have had their music covered by artists as varied as Arctic Monkeys, Billy Corgan, Coldplay, and Mark Morriss.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Girls_aloud