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Gang Of Four Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Guns Before Butter (Alternate Version)
2 He'd Send In the Army (live, 1980)
3 England's In My Bones
4 F.M.U.S.A.
5 Isle of Dogs
6 What We All Want
7 Outside The Trains Don't Run On Time - Remastered
8 Ether
9 History’s Bunk
10 At Home He's a Tourist (The Others alternate mix)
11 It Was Never Gonna Turn Out Too Good
12 Cheese Burger
13 Call Me Up (live, 1984)
14 The Dying Rays
15 Impossible
16 At Home He's a Tourist
17 Why Theory?
18 He'd Send In The Army - Remastered
19 Guns Before Butter
20 Life! It’s a Shame
21 What We All Want (Dandy Warhols remix)
22 I Love a Man in a Uniform (dub)
23 Cheese Burger - Live
24 Is It Love (live, 1984)
25 Obey the Ghost
26 Money Talks
27 To Hell With Poverty
28 Cheeseburger
29 It's Her Factory - Remastered
30 I Love a Man in Uniform
31 History’s Bunk!
32 He'd Send In the Army (Melvins remix)
33 Is It Love
34 I Fled
35 First World Citizen
36 Soul Rebel
37 Why Theory?
38 The Republic
39 Armalite Rifle - Remastered
40 Anthrax
41 Life, It's a Shame
42 Natural's Not in It (Tied remix)
43 Do as I Say
44 Paralysed
45 Stranded
46 Colour From the Tube
47 I Found That Essence Rare
48 To Hell With Poverty
49 At Home He's a Tourist
50 Love Like Anthrax
51 She Said 'You Made a Thing of Me'
52 To Hell With Poverty (Go Home Productions mix)
53 You Don't Have to Be Mad
54 To Hell With Poverty (7" single version)
55 Graven Image
56 Hey Yeah
57 Ether - Remastered
58 Cheeseburger (live)
59 At Home He’s a Tourist
60 I Love a Man in a Uniform
61 Sweet Jane (Live @ American Indian Center)
62 At Home He's a Tourist (Tommie Sunshine's Brooklyn Fire retouch)
63 Who Am I?
64 The History of the World (live, 1984)
65 Dead Souls
66 Everybody Wants to Come
67 Natural's Not In It - Remastered
68 Silver Lining
69 Outside the Trains Don't Run on Time
70 I Love a Man in a Uniform (dub version)
71 He'd Send the Army
72 Contract
73 I Can't Forget Your Lonely Face
74 Capital (It Fails Us Now)
75 Where the Nightingale Sings
76 World Falls Apart
77 Not Great Men - Remastered
78 A Man With a Good Car
79 He'd Send In the Army
80 Capital
81 I Love a Man In Uniform (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Remix)
82 Paralyzed (Tortoise Remix)
83 You'll Never Pay for the Farm
84 I Party All the Time
85 Anthrax (live, 1980)
86 History's Not Made by Great Men
87 What We All Want (live)
88 Damaged Goods - Remastered
89 It Don't Matter
90 It's Her Factory
91 To Hell With Poverty (Go Home Productions remix)
92 What We All Want (Live In Zagreb 1981)
93 If I Could Keep It for Myself
94 A Fruitfly in the Beehive
95 Woman Town
96 I Parade Myself
97 A Hole in the Wallet
98 Return The Gift - Remastered
99 Arabic
100 Natural's Not in It
101 Natural's Not in It (Ladytron Remodel)
102 To Hell With Poverty (The Loaded Edit)
103 Desire
104 I Can See From Far Away
105 What We All Want (live, 1981)
106 Paralysed
107 To Hell With Poverty!
108 Guns Before Butter - Remastered
109 A Piece of My Heart
110 History's Bunk!
111 I Love a Man in a Uniform (Yeah Yeah Yeahs remix)
112 To Hell With Poverty (The Less Drums Loaded Mix)
113 The History of the World
114 Damaged Goods
115 Guns Before Butter (Alternate)
116 If I Could Keep It for Myself (live, 1981)
117 What We All Want
118 Call Me Up
119 I Found That Essence Rare - Remastered
120 Independence
121 History's Bunk
122 Ether (Into the Ether Tony Kanal remix)
123 To Hell With Poverty (The Loaded Instrumental)
124 Glass
125 Sweet Jane (live)
126 5.45
127 She Said
128 Damaged Goods (EMI version, 1979)
129 Love Like Anthrax
130 I Will Be a Good Boy
131 Glass - Remastered
132 In the Ditch
133 Natural’s Not in It
134 At Home He's a Tourist (The Others remix)
135 To Hell With Poverty (The Loaded Remix)
136 It Is Not Enough
137 Armalite Rifle
138 Where the Nightingale Sings
139 Cadillac
140 Do As I Say
141 Womantown
142 Contract - Remastered
143 I Found That Essence Rare
144 Outside the Trains Don’t Run on Time
145 Not Great Men (Phones extended version)
146 Call Me Up (If I'm Home)
147 Of the Instant
148 I Love a Man in a Uniform (Steve Sinclair & Hugo Burnham remix)
149 Broken Talk
150 Motel
151 Stranded
152 We Live as We Dream, Alone
153 At Home He's A Tourist - Remastered
154 Return the Gift
155 He’d Send In the Army
156 Anthrax (Faultline remix)
157 Don't Fix What Ain't Broke
158 Muscle for Brains
159 Contract (live, 1980)
160 Isle of Dogs
161 Satellite
162 Damaged Goods
163 I Love a Man in Uniform (long version)
164 Anthrax - Remastered
165 Not Great Men
166 It’s Her Factory
167 Damaged Goods (Hot Hot Heat remix)
168 Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broke

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Gang Of Four Bio

Gang of Four are an English post-punk group from Leeds. Original personnel were singer Jon King, guitarist Andy Gill, bass guitarist Dave Allen and drummer Hugo Burnham. They were fully active from 1977 to 1984, and then re-emerged twice in the 1990s with King and Gill. In 2004, the original line-up reunited but in 2006 Allen was replaced on bass by Thomas McNeice and Burnham on drums by Mark Heaney in November 2006.

They play a stripped-down mix of punk rock, with strong elements of funk music, minimalism and dub reggae and an emphasis on the social and political ills in society. Gang of Four are widely considered as one of the leading bands of the late 1970s/early 1980s post-punk movement. Their later albums (Songs of the Free and Hard) found them softening some of their more jarring qualities, and drifting towards dance-punk and disco. Their debut album, Entertainment!, ranked at Number 490 in Rolling Stone's The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. David Fricke in Rolling Stone said "Gang of Four are probably the best politically motivated dance band in rock & roll.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gang_of_Four_(band)