Galaxie 500 Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Galaxie 500 Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Another Day
2 Pictures
3 Victory Garden (Red Crayola)
4 Isn't It A Pity (George Harrison)
5 Here She Comes Now (The Velvet Underground)
6 Leave The Planet
7 Cold Night
8 Ceremony (Joy Division)
9 Cheese And Onions (The Rutles)
10 Temperature's Rising
11 Come Down, They Say
12 Decomposing Trees
13 Isn't It a Pity
14 Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste
15 Flowers
16 Cheese and Onions
17 When Will You Come Home
18 Flowers (Peel Sessions)
19 I Can't Believe It's Me (Uncollected)
20 Fourth of July
21 Rain / Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste (Live)
22 Rain / Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste (Live) [Uncollected]
23 Hearing Voices
24 Tugboat
25 Here She Comes Now (Bonus Track)
26 Final Day (Peel Session)
27 King Of Spain, Part Two
28 Ceremony
29 Decomposing Trees (Live) [Copenhagen]
30 Rain / Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste (Medley) [Live]
31 Blue Thunder
32 Listen, the Snow Is Falling
33 Stange
34 Fourth of July (Live) [Copenhagen]
35 Melt Away
36 Decomposing Trees (Live)
37 Summertime (Live) [Copenhagen]
38 Day
39 Sorry
40 Fourth of July (Live)
41 Sorry (Live) [Copenhagen]
42 Spook
43 Sorry (Live)
44 When Will You Come Home (Live) [Copenhagen]
45 Summertime
46 When Will You Come Home (Live)
47 Spook (Live) [Copenhagen]
48 Way Up High
49 Spook (Live)
50 Listen, the Snow Is Falling (Live) [Copenhagen]
51 Listen, the Snow is Falling (Live)
52 Here She Comes Now (Live) [Copenhagen]
53 Plastic Bird
54 Here She Comes Now (Live)
55 Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste (Live) [Copenhagen]
56 Snowstorm
57 It's Getting Late
58 Don't Let Our Youth Go To Waste (Live)
59 Victory Garden (Bonus Track)
60 Snowstorm (1)
61 King Of Spain
62 Final Day (Peel Sessions)
63 Ceremony (Bonus Track)
64 Here She Comes Now
65 Strange
66 Oblivious
67 When Will You Come Home (Peel Sessions)
68 Final Day (Peel Sessions BBC Music)
69 Victory Garden
70 Tell Me
71 Parking Lot
72 Moonshot (Peel Sessions)
73 King of Spain (Bonus Track)

Galaxie 500 Bio

Galaxie 500 was an American indie rock trio that formed in 1987 and split up in 1991 after releasing three albums.

Guitarist Dean Wareham, drummer Damon Krukowski and bassist Naomi Yang had met at the Dalton School in New York City in 1981, but began playing together during their time as students at Harvard University. Wareham and Krukowski had formed a series of punk-influenced student bands, before Wareham returned to New York. When he returned in 1987 he and Krukowski formed a new band, with Yang joining the group on bass guitar, the new group deciding on the name Galaxie 500, after a friend's car (a Ford car of the 1960s, the Ford Galaxie 500). In their early years, Krukowski didn't own a drum kit, so he borrowed one from his Harvard classmate Conan O'Brien, who'd bought a kit but had recently given up playing it. This drum kit can be heard on many of Galaxie 500's early recordings.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galaxie_500