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Genre: Electronic

Gabrielle Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Miracle
2 If You Ever (East 17 feat. Gabrielle)
3 Find Your Way
4 5 O'Clock
5 Inside Your Head
6 Independence Day
7 If I Could
8 I'm So Glad
9 I Wanna Know
10 Who could love you
11 If You Ever
12 Our Love Is Over
13 Dreams (acoustic version)
14 Give Me A Little More Time
15 Falling (Stanton Warriors remix)
16 Forget About the World (Version 1)
17 Rise (The Artful Dodger Above Board Vox mix)
18 Out of Reach (Blacksmith Rerub mix)
19 Sunshine (radio edit)
20 People May Come
21 Give Me a Little More Time (acoustic)
22 Closure
23 Dreams (Dignity mix edit)
24 Should I Stay
25 Give Me a Little More Time (Buckwild remix)
26 Who Could Love You More
27 Rise (Artful Dodger Legal dub mix)
28 Rise (Mash Up Matt Darey remix)
29 Sunshine (Frankie Knuckles Classic club mix)
30 There She Goes
31 Give Me a Little More Time (Talvin Singh remix)
32 Don't Need The Sun To Shine (To Make Me Smile)
33 Dreams (Easy mix edit)
34 Over You
35 If You Really Cared
36 Forget About the World (Daft Punk Mix)
37 Rise (Artful Dodger mix)
38 Because of You
39 Sunshine (Frankie Knuckles Mambo Sunset reprise)
40 Tumbling Down
41 Ten Years Time
42 Rise (Arful Dodger Above Board Vox mix)
43 Falling
44 Baby I've Changed
45 Get inside Your Head (Includes Hidden Track "Studio Chatter")
46 If I Walked Away
47 Give Me a Little More Time (Morales dub)
48 Forget About the World
49 Forget About the World (Daft Punk)
50 Rise - Artful Dodger Above Board Vox Mix
51 Should I Stay (Junior Vasquez Classic mix edit)
52 If You Love Me
53 Sometimes
54 Nothing Hurts Like Goodbye
55 Out of Reach (Sunship Radio edit)
56 Out of Reach (acoustic version)
57 Forget About the World (The Rollo and Sister Bliss mix)
58 Forget About the World (Daft Punk remix)
59 Stay The Same
60 5 O'Clock (Sunship vocal mix)
61 Gonna Get Better
62 Latch Key Kid
63 It Takes Time
64 Love Me Like You Do
65 Out of Reach (acoustic)
66 Say What You Gotta Say
67 Forget About the World (Booker T. R&B mix)
68 If you ever with EAST 17
69 Dreams (original mix)
70 Picking Up The Pieces
71 Out of Reach ("Bridget Jone's Diary" Soundtrack Version) - From "Bridget Jone's Diary"
72 Out of Reach (Sunship remix)
73 Fallen Angel
74 Walk On By (45% Novocaine remix)
75 Give Me a Little More Time (edit)
76 We Don't Talk
77 I Wish
78 Second Chance
79 Forget About the World (Daft Punk Don't Forget the World mix)
80 So Glad
81 Dreams (FNP edit)
82 Dreams (feat Naughty Boy)
83 Out of Reach (Architechs remix)
84 Don't Need the Sun to Shine (To Make Me Smile) (E-Smoove 7" edit)
85 Walk On By (Live From TFI Friday)
86 Give Me a Little More Time (Buckwild remix) (feat. OC)
87 Don’t Need the Sun to Shine (to Make Me Smile)
88 Should I Stay (K-Warren dub)
89 Alone
90 Forget About the World (Matty's mix)
91 Heartbreaker
92 Sunshine
93 Out of Reach (Almighty remix)
94 Indian Cowboy (Gabrielle/dj Angola)
95 Every Little Teardrop
96 Give Me a Little More Time (Talvin Singh mix)
97 Out of Reach (“Bridget Jones’s Diary”)
98 Forget About the World (remix)
99 Give Me More Time
100 Dreams (Arrested Developed mix)
101 Give Me A Little More
102 Why
103 Tell Me What You Dream
104 Rise (live version)
105 Out of Reach (Blacksmith rerub radio edit)
106 Rise (Deep Dish Hi-Rise remix edit)
107 There's Nothing I Won't Do for You
108 Don't Need the Sun to Shine
109 You Used to Love Me
110 Have You Ever Wondered
111 Dreams (7" mix)
112 Love (Trippin')
113 I'm Not In Love
114 Wiser
115 Walk On By
116 Dreams (Red Underground mix)
117 Give Me a Little More Time (album version)
118 Forget About the World (Daft Punk ‘Don’t Forget the World’ mix)
119 Rise (acoustic version)
120 Don’t Need the Sun to Shine
121 Play to Win
122 Dreams (The Developed Arrested mix)
123 Survive
124 All I Want
125 Rise
126 Give Me a Little More Time (Buckwild mix)
127 Rise (Deep Dish Hi-Rise dub / remix)
128 Rise (album version)
129 If You Ever (feat. East 17)
130 No Big Deal
131 Dreams (Our Tribe House mix)
132 Forget About The World (2)
133 It's Breaking My Heart
134 Out Of Reach - Bridget Jones's Diary Soundtrack Version
135 Sunshine (Wookie dub mix)
136 Out of Reach (Bridget Jones' Diary Soundtrack version)
137 Rise (The Artful Dodger remix)
138 Out of Reach (Almighty radio edit)
139 Latchkey Kid
140 I Live In Hope
141 Dreams (Dignity mix)
142 When A Woman
143 Show Me Love
144 Dreams
145 Rise (Artful Dodger Above Board Vox)
146 Rise (Acoustic Version (Wise Buddah))
147 Dreams (feat. StoneBridge)
148 Out of Reach (Almighty mix)
149 Give and Take
150 Dreams (Easy mix)
151 Sunshine - Wookie Main Mix
152 Dreams (7" version)
153 Out Of Reach
154 5 O'Clock (Sunship mix vocal)
155 Out of Reach (Almighty Fired Up mix)
156 Dreams (Law's House mix)
157 Out of Reach (Sunship mix)
158 War of Two Minds
159 Dreams (Law's House)
160 Always
161 Dreams (Breakdown mix)
162 Dance Like We're Making Love - Ms Mix
163 5 O'Clock (Architechs mix)
164 Baby, I Believe
165 Falling (Stanton Warriors dub)
166 Out of Reach (Architects remix)
167 Going Nowhere
168 Dreams (The Red Underground mix)
169 Say Goodbye

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Gabrielle Bio

Louisa Gabrielle Bobb (born 16 April 1970, Hackney, London) is a multi-platinum selling, BRIT Award winning English singer, who records under the name Gabrielle.

Her debut single "Dreams" topped the UK Singles Chart in June 1993. The single entered the UK chart at #2, which was the highest chart entry a debut act had ever scored in the UK at that time. The following week it climbed to the top spot and spent the next three weeks there.

Gabrielle has won two BRIT Awards, the first in 1994 for British Breakthrough Act, and the second in 1997 for Best British Female.

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