Gabriel Peter Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Gabriel Peter Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Du Bist Nicht Wie Wir
2 Frag Mich Nicht Immer
3 Animal Magic
4 Biko (German)
5 Digging In The Dirt
6 Ein Normales Leben
7 Der Rhythmus Der Hitze
8 White Shadow
9 Growing Up
10 I Grieve
11 More Than This
12 In Your Eyes (Special Mix)
13 Don't Give Up
14 Down The Dolce Vita
15 In Your Eyes
16 Family Snapshot
17 Und Durch Den Draht
18 Signal To Noise
19 Big Time
20 No Self-Control
21 Excuse Me
22 Flotsam And Jetsam
23 Come Talk To Me
24 Home Sweet Home
25 Sledgehammer
26 Darkness
27 I Have The Touch
28 Secret World
29 Shaking The Tree
30 Spiel Ohne Grenzen
31 Biko
32 Games Without Frontiers
33 The Rhythm Of The Heat
34 I Don't Remember
35 I Go Swimming
36 Wallflower
37 Sky Blue
38 Intruder
39 A Wonderful Day In A One Day World
40 The Barry Williams Show
41 Lead A Normal Life
42 Keine Selbstkontrolle
43 D.I.Y.
44 The Drop
45 Kon-Takt!
46 Exposure
47 Blood Of Eden
48 Not One Of Us
49 Lovetown
50 Mercy Street
51 Here Comes The Flood
52 Across The River
53 Mundzumundbeatmung
54 Red Rain
55 Humdrum
56 Nicht Die Erde Hat Dich Verschluckt
57 Indigo
58 Fourteen Black Paintings
59 Modern Love
60 Curtains
61 Quiet Steam
62 Mother Of Violence
63 That Voice Again
64 Kiss That Frog
65 Moribund The Burgermeister
66 Das Fischernetz
67 San Jacinto
68 On The Air
69 We Do What We're Told
70 Love To Be Loved
71 Slowburn
72 Schnappschuss (Ein Familienfoto)
73 Perspective
74 Only Us
75 Solsbury Hill
76 Don't Break This Rhythm
77 Schock Den Affen
78 Waiting For The Big One
79 Kiss Of Life
80 Steam
81 ...And Through The Wire
82 Eindringling
83 Lay Your Hands On Me
84 Washing Of The Water
85 This Is The Picture
86 Shock The Monkey
87 My Head Souns Like That
88 The Family And The Fishing Net
89 No Way Out
90 Handauflegen
91 Walk Through The Fire

Gabriel Peter Bio

Peter Brian Gabriel (born 13 February 1950) is an English singer, musician, and songwriter who rose to fame as the lead vocalist and flautist of the progressive rock group Genesis. After leaving Genesis, Gabriel went on to a successful solo career. His 1986 album, So, is his most commercially successful, and the album's biggest hit, "Sledgehammer", won a record nine MTV Awards at the 1987 MTV Video Music Awards, and the song is the most played music video in the history of the station.

More recently, Gabriel has focused on producing and promoting world music and pioneering digital distribution methods for music. He has also been involved in various humanitarian efforts. Gabriel has won numerous music awards throughout his career, including three Brit Awards—winning Best British Male in 1987, six Grammy Awards, thirteen MTV Video Music Awards, and in 2007 he was honoured as a BMI Icon at the 57th annual BMI London Awards for his “influence on generations of music makers.” Gabriel was also awarded the Polar Music Prize in 2009, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Genesis in 2010.

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