Frog Eyes Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Frog Eyes Lyrics - by Popularity

1 The Policy Merchant, the Silver Bay
2 Tyranny of Sight and Tyranny of Seeing
3 Sheldon's Phone Calling The Future That Is All Alive
4 Seven Daughters
5 Two Girls
6 Ship Destroyer
7 Reform The Countryside
8 Evil Energy, the Ill Twin of...
9 Picture Framing
10 Feeling I Fell Like
11 Claxxon’s Lament
12 The Beat is Down
13 Silence But for the Gentle Tinkling of the Flowing Creek
14 Policy Merchant, The Silver Bay
15 Lear In Love
16 Buttercup
17 I Am Telling You That Cities Were Never Enven Conceived Like This
18 Russian Berries But You're Quiet Tonight
19 Two Girls (One for Heaven and the Other One for Rome)
20 Bells In the Crooked Port
21 ...Eagle Energy
22 A Flower in a Glove
23 Drinking: The Song
24 Politics
25 The Secret Map Has Mistakes
26 Joe With the Jam
27 I Like Dot Dot Dot
28 My Boats They Go
29 The Sensitive Girls
30 Body Body
31 Of Friendship
32 (Intermission)
33 The Beat Is Down (Four Wrecthed Singers Beyond Any World That You Have Known)
34 Our Lordship Has Devised a New Billing System
35 Latex Ice Age
36 Odetta's War
37 Lost in a Godless Sea
38 Future Begs A Hero
39 Two Girls (One for Heaven and the Other One for Rome)
40 Death's Ship
41 Sound Travels from the Snow to the Dark
42 Soldiers Gathering In Sparrow Hills
43 Framing The Gigantic Men Who Fought On Steam Boats
44 Rebel Horns
45 Before They Was Killed in a Car Crash
46 World Featuring Men and Knuckles
47 Joe with the Jam
48 The Demon Runner
49 The Akhian Press
50 Secret Map Flees From Plurality
51 Violent Psalms
52 The Fence Feels Its Post
53 I Hope My Horse Don't Make No Sound
54 The Beat Is Down (Four Wretched Singers Beyond Any World That You Have Known)
55 Rejoinders in a Storm
56 A Latex Ice Age
57 Krull Fire Wedding
58 Paul's Tomb
59 New Soft Mother Hood Alliance
60 Only to Come Across Pleasant Meadows and Madames
61 Death’s Ship
62 In a Hut
63 Bushels
64 The Mayor Laments the Failures of His Many Townfolk
65 The Oscillator's Hum
66 The Heart That Felt Its Light
67 They Did Not Notice the Rushing Rapids
68 The Demon Runner
69 Crystal Blip
70 Time Reveals Its Plan at Poisoned Falls
71 Miasma Gardens
72 The Horse Used to Wear a Crown
73 Important Signals Will Break the Darkness (This I Hope)
74 The Fox Speaks To His Wife Who Is Not Quite Sure
75 Rejoinders In A Storm
76 I Ain't Around Much
77 Time Destroys Its Plan at the Reactionary Table
78 The Fruit That Fell from the Tree
79 New Tappy Is Heard and Beheld
80 The Country Child
81 In a Hut
82 Rip Down the Fences That Fence the Garden
83 Lear, In The Park
84 Soldiers Crash Gathering in Sparrow Hills
85 The Hardest Night to Sleep in the Swamplands
86 Ice On the Trail
87 Your Holiday Treat
88 Crystal Blip
89 A Duration of Starts and Lines That Form Code
90 Styled By Dr. Roberts
91 World's Greatest Concertos
92 Libertatia's National Lullaby
93 A Library Used to Be (Black Hole and Its Concentrated Edges)
94 Don’t Give Up Your Dreams
95 I Ain’t Around Much
96 One in Six Children Will Flee in Boats
97 The Road is Long
98 Picture Framing the Gigantic Men Who Fought on Steam Boats
99 Seagulls on the Rise
100 Future Fortness
101 A Needle in the Sun
102 Rip Down the Fences That Fence the Garden
103 Masticated Outboard Motors
104 Idle Songs
105 "Stockades"
106 One Considers Sailing On
107 Really The End Of Time?
108 Noni’s got a taste for the Bright Red Air Jordans
109 Rip Down the Fences that Fence
110 Orbis Magnus
111 Caravan Breakers, They Prey On The Weak And The Old

Frog Eyes Bio

Indie rock band from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada known for their highly idiosyncratic songs, which pit Carey Mercer's melodic falsetto whoops against an avalanche of guitar, keyboards, piano, and drums. Their 2010 album Paul's Tomb: A Triumph was a longlisted nominee for the 2010 Polaris Music Prize. The band is in rotation on CBC Radio.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frog_eyes