Frenzal Rhomb Lyrics

Genre: Rock

Frenzal Rhomb Lyrics - by Popularity

1 Do You Wanna Fight Me
2 U.s.anus
3 Fraud
4 Constable Care
5 Guns Don't Kill Ducklings (Ducklings Kill Duckling
6 Mr. Charisma
7 There's Your Dad
8 Don't Let The Bastards Keep You Down
9 Kaan Kaant
10 Let's Drink A Beer
11 I Know Everything About Everything
12 I know why dinosaurs became extinct
13 Coming Home
14 I Hate My Brain
15 Everything's Fucked
16 Bird Attack
17 The Ballad Of Tim Webster
18 Genius
19 White World
20 Run
21 I Don't Need Your Loving (All I Need Is A Spinal Operation)
22 Mummy Doesn't Know You're A Nazi
23 Stand Up
24 We're going out tonight
25 5000 Cigarettes
26 Everything's F****d
27 Punisher
28 Self destructor
29 Cockroach Light
30 You Can't Move Into My House
31 Sick And Tired
32 Looking Good
33 Cocksucker
34 Knuckleheads
35 All Your Friends
36 Nothing's Wrong
37 Greyhound
38 Ball Chef
39 Just Because It's Soap Doesn't Mean It's Clean
40 Be Still My Beating Off
41 Cheer up
42 Home Made Video
43 Ben
44 My Dearest Friend
45 Dance-ecution
46 Run Away
47 Door
48 Back To The Suburbs
49 Genitals Are Funny
50 You Are Not My Friend
51 Suburban Male
52 Pants
53 Edward Sausage Fangs
54 Methadone
55 Get Off
56 Phil
57 Alvarez
58 Hakimashita
59 Local Resident Failure
60 War
61 Hungry Jacks Carpark
62 I miss my lung
63 Drugged By The Cops
64 Rats In The Walls
65 Wasted
66 Snouts In The Trough
67 Richer Than You!
68 Hate
69 Stand Up And Be Cunted
70 Dead Celebrity
71 Mum Changed The Locks
72 Roger
73 Albino Holiday
74 Don't Speak
75 Jesus
76 Metrognome
77 Racist
78 My Pants Keep Falling Down
79 Never Had So Much Fun
80 I Love Fucking Up
81 Richer Than You
82 When My Baby Smiles At Me I Go To Rehab
83 Ship Of Beers
84 Go Frenzal Go
85 You're O.K
86 The Best Guy
87 She's Not Happy
88 Rude Tourist
89 (That's) Just Not Legal
90 Don't Talk To Me
91 Bucket Bong
92 Had Enough

Frenzal Rhomb Bio

Frenzal Rhomb is an Australian punk rock band that formed in 1992, with Jason Whalley on lead vocals and rhythm guitar during this entire period. In 1996, Lindsay McDougall joined the line-up on lead guitar and backing vocals. Two of the group's albums have entered the top 20 on the ARIA Albums Chart: A Man's Not a Camel (1999) and Smoko At The Pet Food Factory (2011). The group has supported Australian tours by The Offspring, Bad Religion, and Blink-182. Frenzal Rhomb have also toured in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Canada, Japan, South Africa, Israel and Taiwan.

Frenzal Rhomb formed in 1992 in the Sydney suburb of Newtown with Alexis 'Lex' Feltham on bass guitar and Jason Whalley on vocals. Feltham and Whalley had been school mates at St Ives High School in St Ives. Whalley had commenced a Bachelor of Arts course in philosophy at Sydney University when he formed Frenzal Rhomb as a punk rock band. The name is a reference to a band member's pet rat, which in turn was named for the Fresnel rhomb, which is a prism-like device invented by the 19th Century French engineer, Augustin-Jean Fresnel. By 1993, the group's line-up was Feltham, Whalley, Ben Costello on guitar and Karl Perske on drums. They played at the Sydney venue for the Big Day Out in January.

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